7th Hour Dena

By irock
  • 450

    450 Chinese wood blocks

    Chinese invents printing by inking carved wood blocks.
    Facts: Was printed in Buddihist.
  • Jan 6, 1450

    1450 Johann Gutenberg

    Johann Gutenberg invents a printing press using movable metal type.
    Facts: He convinced a wealthy man to give him 800 guilders (I think that is equal to $448.00).
    He published the 42-line bible in 1455.
  • Newspaper

    Early newspapers are published in germany
    1.johann Carolus was the first publisher
    2.first news paper ever
  • 1792 Mechanical semaphore

    Mechanical semaphore is invented in France.
    Facts: Could send a message 210 miles in ten minutes in good weather.
    Invented by Claude Chappe.
  • 1830 Ada Bryon

    Ada Bryon, a mathmaticion writes the world's first computer program for a computing machine designed by Charles Babbage, but never built.
  • 1837 Morse Code

    Samuel Morse invents a telegraph that can send short and long beeps, called "dots" and "dashes"
    Facts: There is an international morse code.
    Morse code is popular for young amatuar radio operators but it isn't required anymore.
  • 1866 successful transmission

    First successful transmission over transatlantic cable
    1.This cable makes talking to europe easy now.
    2.First over sea phonecall need met.
  • alexander graham bell

    Alexander graham bell invents the telephone transmitting the sound of voice clearly over electrial wires
    1.he was deaf
    2.made telephone in 1875
  • 1877 Thomas Edison

    Thomas Edison invents the phonograph, a device to record sound on a wax cylinder.
    Facts: It could be a tin or wood cylinder.
    The first copy was made out of tin.
  • 1884 First long distance phone call

    First long distance phone call.
    1. The worlds first long distance phone call was made from bell homested near brantford conida
    2.The first long distance phone call was made December 18 1877
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  • 1901 Gugliermo Marconi

    Gugliermo Marconi sends the first radio signal across the Atlantic Ocean.
    Facts: First signal was sent on the 12th of a month.
    Discorved in 1820
  • 1924 Pictures over phone

    Pictures are transmitted over telephone lines.
    Facts: Invented by Arthur Korn.
    It was a smiley face
  • 1928 Very first few homes get television sets to watch broadcast programs.

    Very first few homes get television sets to watch broadcast programs.
    1.Tv was invented by Edwin Belin, Vladimir Zweryimn, Philo Franswarth
    2.The first colored was invented in 1904
  • 1963 Info on the 1964 Olympics

    First communications satellite is launched allowing worldwide live broadcast of the 1964 Olympics.
    Facts: Made by NASA
    Abbrevecition is Satcom
  • commmunications sateite

    The first communications satellite is launched allowing worldwide lie broadcast of the 1964 olympics
    1.0made by nasa
    2.abrevecitions satcom
  • 1970 The internet is invented by the U.S goverment as a means of military comminication.

    The internet is invented by the U.S goverment as a means of military communication.
    1.The internet was originally in us military
    2. The internet was invented to serve away to preserve all data in the event of the nuclear atack.
  • 1972 The first E-mail messages are sent.

    The first E-mail messages are sent.
    1. Richard Watson thought of a way to deliver messages and files to printers.
    2. The first email was sent by Ray Tomilnson
  • 1975 The personal comuter, both small and powerful, is invented

    The personal computer, both small and powerful. is invented
    1. Chales babbage made the computer
    2. made in 1989
  • 1979 The first emoticon is used in an E-mail message.

    The first emoticon is used in an E-mail message.
    1. Inventor Howard Ball
    2. The first emoyicon was a smily
  • 1982 The first cell phones are avaliable for sale.

    The first cell phones are for sale.
    1. The first mobile cell phone concepts with two way radios
    2. millitary radios use was servace in to the 1950's
  • 1990 Tim Berners-Lee invents the worls wide web

    1. He invented it in the 1980
    2. April 30th it was open to the public
  • 1993 web navigation

    Marc Andreeson creates the first browser program al.lowing people to navigate the web
    1. Co- founder of net skip
    2. married a billionarie
  • 45,000 BC Neanderthal man

    Neanderthal man carves a picture on a woolly mammoth tooth.
    Facts: Discorved near Tata, Hungary.
    Neanderthals used heavy spears to kill woolly mammoths.
  • 3500 BC Sumerians record pitographers representing words on clay tablets.

    1. First know language.
    2. Region is Iraq
  • 900 BC Chinese postal system

    Chinese devolp postal system to deliver written messages.
    Facts: Delivered mail between empires.
    It was for the government only.
  • 776 BC Homing Pigeons

    Homing pigeons carry messages about the Olympics for the Ancient Greeks.
    Facts: Homing Pigeons can go 60 mph for short bursts.
    Homing pigeons use the sun and the stars to navigate.
  • 105 Chinese rags

    Chinese make paper from rags.
    Facts: Chih means paper.
    Made in Paleolithic times.