By amb0923
  • University of Utah opens

    University of Utah opens
    University of Utah, originally known as Deseret University, is opened in 1850 before Utah was a state. It was opened by pioneering Mormons.
  • Refrigeration Machine Patented

    Refrigeration Machine Patented
    Dr. John Gorrie patents his refrigeration machine he invented because he believed that heat caused malaria. His machine cooled things and made ice.
  • Uncle Sam Cartoon Debut

    Uncle Sam Cartoon Debut
    This iconic cartoon figure made its first debut in the New York Lantern weekly.
  • First US Fire Engine

    First US Fire Engine
    First US fire engine enters service on New Years of 1853. They were horse drawn and were later replace by the steam engine.
  • Napolean III Marries

    Napolean III Marries
    Emperor Napoleon III marries Eugenie Maria de Montijo. Eugenie was a spanish noblewoman and was the last Empress Consort of France.
  • Charge of The Light Brigade

    Charge of The Light Brigade
    During the Crimean War this battle occured that was originally known as the Battle of Balaklava. Under orders Lt. Gen. Lord Cardigan lead the Light Brigade of 673 men through the valley against Russian forces. 409 men died in this battle.
  • "Charge of the Light Brigade" Published

    "Charge of the Light Brigade" Published
    Lord Tennyson's well-known poem "Charge of the Light Brigade" is published, This poem was based on the Crimean War's Battle the Charge of the Light Brigade and actually made it famous.
  • "Rip Van Winkle" Opens in NYC

    "Rip Van Winkle" Opens in NYC
    The second American opera "Rip Van Winkle" opens in New York City.
  • Crimean War Comes to Peace

    England and Russian come to peace drawing the Crimean War to a close.
  • Dan Sickles Case

    Dan Sickles Case
    Daniel Sickles was charged with murdering a district attorney. It was the first time defense was sucsefully used and the first time someone pleaded insanity to prove innocence. The jury accepted this and acquitted him.