• palmer raids

    palmer raids
    the palmer raids was also known as the red scare. 500+ foregin citizens were deported,including a number of prominent leftist leaders, Palmer's efforts were massively angered by officials at the US Department of Labor who had responsibility for deportations.
  • lenin and the communist state/ red scare

    lenin and the communist state/ red scare
    Vladimir Lenin founded the communist state in Russia. lenin and the communist state/ red scare was a dictatorship. the red scare was all about how russia left WWI then they became a target for there communist belifes
  • volstead act

    volstead act
    the volstead act was just like the 18th ammendment no alcohol can be manufactured,sold, or transported
  • 18th amendment

    18th amendment
    on january 16, 1920 a law was passed that any american citizen couldnt drink any alcholic beverage with an alochol content level of 0.5%. whiskey was avalible by perscription doctors freely gave out perscriptions and millions of whiskey was consumed each year. the ammendmwnt was repealed in 1933 after a mass increase of organized crime
  • 19th amendment ratified

    19th amendment ratified
    on august 18, 1920 the 19th amendment gave the women the right to vote. this amendment was ratified by tennessse. women went on a sex strike they would end the strike on these fowling conditions WWI would end and an ammendment would be added to the counstitution saying that women had the right to vote.
  • teapot dome scandal

    teapot dome scandal
    the oil was permited for naval use only. President Warren G.Harding appointed albert fall to be secertary of the interior. then harry sinclair of mammoth oil corporation and edward doheny of pan american petroieum bribed albert fall with $100,000. albert bought the bribe then harry and edward used the naval reserves and drilled for oil.
  • national origins act

    national origins act
    the national origins act was a law permitted to limit southern and eastern europeans and this law excluded any asians. this law stayed active until 1960's
  • scopes trial

    scopes trial
    he belived that evoultionary thinking played a big role into leading germany into war. he traveld anywhere to warning people about the dangers of teaching human origins contrary to the bible. tenessee passed a law making it illegal to teach that man has descended from a lower order of animals.
  • sacco and vanzetti trial

    sacco and vanzetti trial
    sacco and vanzetti were two imigrants who were tried and proscuted for the killing of two men in a payroll robery. a pourtguese man amited to the crime but the evidence was weak. sacco and vanzetti were both excuted.
  • Charles Linderbergh crosses the Atlantic

    Charles Linderbergh crosses the Atlantic
    charles lindbergh was the first person to cross the atlantic solo. he did so in a single engine plane called "the spirit of st.louis". when he completed his expedition from new york city to paris (a 33 hour trip), there was a parade and medal in his accomplishments.
  • 1st talking movie

    1st talking movie
    the first talking movie was the jazz singer. the jazz singer was a musical. it was the first feature lenght motion picture with synchronized dialoge sequences.
  • herbert hoover elected president

    herbert hoover went to stafford university when it opened in 1891. he graduated from standford qith a mining degree. a week before his 40th birthday he declared war on france. herbert hoover was a republican
  • stock market crash

    stock market crash
    in the 1920's the stcok market was at its all time high (the roaring 20's),some investors went as far as selling there home to add more money to there stock.on black thursday october 24, 1929 over 12.9 million chairs were traded and the ticker table feel back 1.5 hours, millions of dollars were lost and people withdrew from the stockmarket. black thursday was much calmer, black monday lost 12% of holders ,money, black tuesday was the wrost day in history when stock holders lost 13%.