invention 1800-1900

  • incandescent light bulb

     incandescent light bulb  this invention that was an improvment to the world way of living and this was albe to light up an area other than a candle but these were not practical and they gave off a pretty good amount of heat
  • The Bessemer Process

    Date august 24 1856
    Inventor Henry Bessemer
    Explanation of the invention The Bessemer Process this was a industrial way to forge mass it production iron and to make it cost efficent to people and factories. was used from adding an amount of airv the the moltern meatal and creating iut to be a non molten product
    The importance or implications of this invention (did it lead to something else?) this was used to create iron/ steel for the rail orads and the trains and other products.
  • Barb Wire

    Date August 31, 1875 Inventor Lucien B. Smith joeseph glidden Explanation of the invention this invention was an imprvement because of the use of wood in herding cattle and this woulld be able to hold ion the cattle with less wood product. The importance or implications of this invention (did it lead to something else?) this invention helped in the making of ranches
  • Alternating Current

    Date September 4, 1882
    Inventor nikola tesla
    Explanation of the invention: this invention was made for a particular reason it was so then we would havbe to use "DC" power which would include building a power building every two miles and tht wouldnt be very practical. anmd without these buildings the currnts would be very weak . So when Nikola patented this AC this was a big plus even though eddison said that it would give you a higher chance of cancer.
  • Maxim Gun

    Date 1884
    Inventor sir hiram maxim
    Explanation of the invention this was an improvement towards warfare and this was able to be used in the first world war and it was used in a few battles. the gun was mobile and automatic also the first aoutomatic gun . this invention was a starting point kinda of war with a weapon. this was a crazy hting because they used these "new" weapons and old tactics.
  • smoke less gun powder

    a man named Paul Vieille
    invented smokeless gun powder when a general who has fought in a lot of battles realized its hard to gives specific order to his men when you cant even get a clear view. this invention made the fighting in war mor deadly and tactical because you weren't shooting into the dark as you would with the old powder.
  • the radio

    the inventor was named tesla nikola and he found out after he created the "tesla coil" he combined tht and his new thoughts and found out that he could receive strong waves of static. he soon realized he could tunr this into a communication device.
  • Asprin

    this was invented by a man named Felix Hoffmann in 1897 this was a break through for pain relief and also this was used for headaches and other purposes. this was made from acetylsalicylic acid and it came from a type of willow tree . after they could figure out how to create it manually they could make it in a faster production rate.
  • Air Brakes

    Date March 5, 1872 Inventor George Westinghouse Explanation of the invention this invention was a hughe break through for the locamotive because this was a safer way to stop a train instead of trying to force seam back in to the cylinders to create a froce against the eingine by its own force which wasnt even to the whole train.
  • shocking therapy

    this was used to help out people with diseases. the machine would give off several high schocks that would help out the tissues and nerves to put them into a confusinjg state. and this was performed rom two magnets creating a shock when the turned.