10 Obsolete Products in the world

  • Typewriter

    These were used to type letters onto a paper to make a hardcopy of an agreement.
  • Gramophone

    Used for listening to songs or music in the earlier times by people in the absence of mobiles or television. But has been obsolete because of the growing technology. since 1980
  • Phonebook

    These were used for remembering the phone numbers of different people before it was digitally available.
  • Film Camera

    Film Camera
    These were used for taking pictures in the older times when there were no mobiles which are nowadays programed to do each and everything.
  • Floppy disks

     Floppy disks
    Used for storing data in or from the computer later on replaced by CDs and DvDs.
  • Telephones

    These were used by people in the late 90s for communication but due to increasing modernization and developed smartphones its use declined .
  • Cassette

    Used for recording our voice or any other sound for replaying later on. At the current period of time this has been replaced by all in one technologies like mobile phones.
  • Old cell phones

    Old cell phones
    These were used for communication after the telephones but went obsolete due to the evolution of smartphones.
  • Film Projector

    Film Projector
    These were used to show movies in the theatre of old times now replaced by digital projector.
  • CD and DVD

    CD and DVD
    These went obsolete due to the development of cloud systems leading to easy storage of memories.