10 Key Events in Melbourne History

  • Melbourne is founded

    Melbourne is founded by John Batman and John Pascoe Fawkner
  • Hoddle Grid surveyed

    The Hoddle Grid of streets for the central business district is surveyed by Robert Hoddle
  • Post-War Period

    During this period Melborne expanded rapidly.
  • Melbourne is declared a city

    Melbourne declared a city by Queen Victoria. Before this Mebourne was just a colony.
  • Gold Rush

    The discovery of gold in Victoria increased the city's population by nearly three-quarters, from 25,000 to 40,000 inhabitants.
  • First Melbourne Cup

    People come from all over the world for the First Melbourne Cup.
  • Federation of Australia

    This was when all the states in Australia fell under one central government but are still independent in internal affairs.
  • First Australian Open Championship

    The first Australian Open Championship is held in Melbourne, the tournament was first contested on grass but ever since 1987 the tournament was held on hard courts. It is held in the middle of Summer, in the last fortnight of the month.
  • Flinder Street Station Building Completed

    Flinders Street Station is the central railway station of Melbourne. It is on the corner of Flinders and Swanston Streets next to the Yarra River, stretching from Swanston Street to Queen Street and covering two city blocks.
  • Olympic Games

    People come from all over the world for the Olympic Games being held in Melbourne