10 great energy events

  • First man to use static

    A German named Otto von Guericke did some of the first expirements with static electricity. He made a machine that could produce electricty.
  • Properties of science discovered

    Stephen gray found that such things as silk and other materials not conductable to electricity.
  • Ben reasons positive and negative electricity

    Benjamin Franklin prestented the idea to people that electricity could have positive and negative elements
  • electric battery first invented

    Alessandro Volta develop the first electric batterty in history. But it is nothing like the batteries we have today. But he did have a groundbreaking event in make electric batteries
  • Michael Faraday discovered magnetic induction

    Michaek Faraday discovered magnetic induction with doing multiple expirements. He later made the generator to allow us to make electicity.
  • Edison invents lightbulb

    Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb. Although he wasn't the first to figure out that electricity can make light but he figured out the best way to do it.
  • Louis Latimer gets lightblub patent

    Louis Latimer gets a patent on the first lightbulb with a carbon filament
  • Hertz discovers electic waves

    Heinrich Hertz discovers that elcetricity has waves and he learns how to measure them
  • Ford makes 1st automobile

    Henry Ford buids his first automobile. It was designed to run on ethonal.
  • Ohl invents solar cell

    Russel Ohl invents the solar cell