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  • First Example Of A Car

    First Example Of A Car
    (not sure on date) First Selfprepelled, steam drivencar.
  • Britan steam driven cars

    Britan steam driven cars
    (not sure on date) Richard Trevithick inproved the design of the steme engine and put it on wheels.
  • Motor age moves forward

    Motor age moves forward
    (not sure on date)The first vehicles driven using internal combustion engines were developed roughly at the same time by two engineers working in separate parts of Germany – Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz.
  • Motor racing

    (no sure on date) motor racing started known as the grand prix
  • 1900's cars

    (any date in the 1900's) in the 1900 cars were expensive, ugly and very slow their normal speed statred at 5mph but soon got to 80mph in a few years they were unsafe with no seat belts or airbags and could'ent go very fast in the city becuase they were too over crowed.
  • Harry Fords assembly line

    (not sure on date) Harry ford invented the first assemby line to create cars. before it was 1 man per car which took over 3 days to create one car (1 man does all jobs) but then he decided to create the assembly line what ment that a team of people do one part of the car like a team creates the interior seats then its passed down to someone doing the interior lights or something like that. this way they could create cars in less than 1 day
  • Modern SeatBelt

    (not sure on date) The modern seatbelt came into use in 1955 but wasent compulseary (means you could were it if u wanted). It become the law worldwisde in 1970. SeatBelts protect the user from damaging their selfs in the event of a car crash they can strech to obsorb the shock and speed of the car. wiki of seat belt http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seat_belt
  • First Mini

    (not sure on date) The first ever Mini was launched in August 1959 by BMC. The first launched model was Austin Se7en Mini MK1. There are 2 versions of this model available during the time which is the Basic Mini and the De Luxe in Farina Grey, Tartan Red, or Speedwell Blue
  • First Musle Car

    (not sure on date) first musle car massivly manufactured
  • Modern Day Cars

    cars know days are safe with seat belts and airbags (some cars can even detect other cars and put the breaks on) cars know are fast look good can be pimpted up and even scrapted. cars know are just 100 times beta they just are
  • Modern Air Bag

    An American inventor, John W. Hetrick, an industrial engineer and member of the U.S. Navy, designed 1952 and patented 1953 the original safety cushion commonly referred to as an airbag. It was designed based on his experiences with compressed air from torpedoes during his service in the U.S. Navy, as well as a need to provide protection for his family in their automobile during accidents. Mr. Hetrick worked with the major American automobile corporations at the time, but they were not intere