yasser jubran B2 Alexander Graham Bell

  • birthday

    Alexande Graham was born in 3/3/1847
  • Bell's brother dies and family moves to Canada.

    bell brother died and his mom and dad move to canida
  • Alexande moved to U.S.

    Alexande move to the U.S. to tech other people to make stuff
  • alexande opens his own school for the deaf

    the school is for deaf
  • Alexande gets long-distance call

    Alexande gets a call from another state
  • married

    Alexande got married on7/11/1877
  • creation of first invention

    Alexande Graham inventedthe telephone in 1/1915
  • most known invention

    the most known invention is the telephone
  • Alexande placed first trans-Atlantic phone

    Alexande made the first trans-Atlantic for people to now what people say
  • death

    Alexande died on 8/2/1922