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  • Date of birth

    Date of birth
  • Period: to


  • Early Years

    Early Years
    X got in trouble at school and was kicked out by his mother.
  • New parents

    New parents
    Xxxtentacion moved with his Grandparents where he lived on Lotter Hill and he spent time there and sometimes would live over his aunt's house.
  • Music Industry

    Music Industry
    Living with his grandparents not knowing what he would do with his life until he found music
  • The start of being famous

    The start of being famous
    Xxxtentacion's aunt started putting him in music classes.
  • Urge to fight

    Urge to fight
    Xxxtentacion didnt know much from right and wrong so ended beating up a girl and was kicked out of another school. His grandma was forced to put him into a behavior correctional center known as the Sharing House. He also spent nine months in a boot camp.
  • Charges

    X started robbing houses and stealing.X has been charged with possession of firearm, armed robbery, resistance of firearm, arm burglary and even more.
  • Popularity

    Xxxtentacion started getting popular due to Tumbler and Facebook. But he took a turn when he gained a hobby of robbing.
  • Only way is Music

    Only way is Music
    Xxxtentcion rode with friends with drive buys and he ended up believing that he had no future and the only way he was gonna make it is through music.
  • His first song

    His first song
    He dropped his first song called Vice City. Soon going to jail right after that.
  • New friend

    New friend
    X was in prison and his popularity soon started to fall as he was locked up. During his time in jail, he met a new friend known as Ski mask the slump god.
  • Their Future

    Their Future
    X and Ski became good friends and X told Ski about him making music. Ski agreed with the idea and wanted in. When they got out they started right away making music and working hard. They soon dropped a song called F***! which increased his popularity once again.
  • Falling once again

    Falling once again
    X was on a rise with his music career until he was arrested for domestic violence and was going back to jail with bond of a million dollars. People say that he had a altercation with his pregnant girl friend.
  • The rise in prison

    The rise in prison
    X thought that his future was done because of not being able to make music. But the complete opposite happened. His music started to get million of views and his interview was released with No Jumper. People now use the phrase #Freex and his court date release was scheduled in January. But since his judge didn't show the trial was moved to April