xaleyer's timeline

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  • roosevelt meets with stalin and churchill

    Roosevelt met with Stalin and Churchill at Yalta to work out the future of Germany and Poland. They agreed on the division of Germany into American, British, French, and Soviet occupation zones. Tyler Powell
  • Truman doctrine

    in a speech before a joint session of Congress, Truman called on the United States to take a leadership role in the world. In a statement of principles known as the Truman Doctrine, he established another major policy that would guide American actions in the Cold War. Tyler Powell
  • Berlin Airlift

    Truman did not want to risk starting a war by using military force to open the transportation routes. Nor did he want to give up West Berlin to the Soviets. Instead, Truman decided on an airlift, moving supplies into West Berlin by plane. During the next 15 months, British and American military aircraft made more than 200,000 flights to deliver food, fuel, and other supplies. At the height of the Berlin airlift, nearly 13,000 tons of goods arrived in West Berlin daily. Tyrus DeWitt
  • Korean War

    The Korean War broke out when North Korean troops streamed across the 38th parallel, determined to reunite Korea by force.It alarmed Americans, who were sure—wrongly, it turned out—that the action had been orchestrated by the Soviet Union. President Truman thought this would lead to the third World War because it would go unchallenged.
  • Sputnik Launching

    This is the event when the Soviet Union launched an artificial satellite to orbit the earth. This was important because they were first to launch something into orbit. This begun what was called the space race. This promoted more tension between the United States and the Soviet Union.- Tyrus DeWitt
  • U-2 Incident

    This was when the Soviet Union attacked one of the spy planes we sent over to spy on them. Because these spy planes flew more than 15 miles high, American officials had assumed that they were invulnerable to attack.They shot it down with a missile and this caused the Americans to be scared. Tyler Powell