• Birth of a Genus

    Birth of a Genus
    Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen, was born on March 27, 1845 at Lennep in the Lower Rhine Province of Germany.
  • The Age of Inventions

    The Age of Inventions
    Wilhelm ( as a elder man), attended a technical school at Utrecht which was the start of his creative invention upbringing.
  • University of Utrecht

    University of Utrecht
    Wilhelm entered the University of Utrecht in 1865 to study physics; thus, this began his journey to study and invent brilliant things.
  • Graduation and Kundt

    Graduation and Kundt
    He graduated Ph.D. at the University of Zurich; thus, he was appointed as assistant to Kundt who also developed technology in the medical field.
  • Failed Attempt

    Failed Attempt
    Wilhelm, first work was published in 1870. Dealing with some form of heated gas, followed a few years later by a paper on the thermal conductivity of crystals. Unfortunately he had serve other failed experiments, until the x ray. Bits and pieces of all his failed invention where used to create the x-ray.
  • Professor

    He was appointed Professor in the Academy of Agriculture at Wurttemberg, Hohenheim.
  • Period: to


    Although several college had the desire to appoint him as head of the Physics department, he declined several of their offers. Overall he accepted one offer at the University of Wurzburg in 1888. Although by special request of the Bavarian government, Wilhelm accepted the offer at University of Munich in 1900.
  • Birth of the X-ray

    Birth of the X-ray
    Wilhelm Roentgen discovers x-ray, and then he conform the functionality of the x-ray by tasting it out on his wifes hand.
  • Nobel Prize

    Nobel Prize
    Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen, received the first Nobel Prize for Physics. This prize shows how Wilhelm invention the x-ray, has major effect on our society.
  • Death of a Brilliant Man

    Death of a Brilliant Man
    Four years after his wife died, Wilhelm died at Munich from carcinoma of the intestine on February 10, 1923.