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Wymard. LeBron James

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    leBron James

    LeBron James was bron December,30th 1984. He was an only child of a single mother.
  • Birth

    LeBron James was born on December 30th 1984. he was an only child of a single mother. he is still alive
  • significant person

    one of the most important people in LeBrons life was his grandmother. she died when he was little but when she was alive she let LeBron and his other live with her. when she died they were forced to move from place to place.
  • significant person

    significant person
    a significant person to LeBron was his mother. his mother was always with him through out his life and always pushed him to do good things.
  • challange faced

    challange faced
    Growing up LeBron was growing up with out a father in his life.
  • challanged faced

    challanged faced
    when LeBRon was only 6 his grandmother passed. when this happend he was forced to moved from place to place and it wasent in the best place of town.
  • sigifcant person

    sigifcant person
    another person in his life was his highschool basketball coach dru joyce. his coach wa a big influence on his
  • world history event

    world history event
    on this day in history the twin towers were hit bit too planes
  • achivement

    in 2003 he was dafted into the NBA. He was dafted on to the clevland cavilers as the youngest player in the NBA
  • world history event

    world history event
    in 2003 the us invades iraq and starts a new war
  • achevment

    in the 2003 2004 season LeBron James won the rookie of the year award.
  • history event

    history event
    this day in history barrak obama was inducted into presentanty. he was the frist african american president.