WWII: abroad

  • Douglas MacArthur

    Douglas MacArthur
    he was born in little rock, arkansas, on january 26, 1880. after gratuating from west point in 1903, he fought in world war I, and in world war II was commander of allied forces in the pacific.
  • george Marshall

    george Marshall
    born: december 31, 1880,
    died: october 16, 1959
    america's foremost soldier during world war II, served as chief of staff from 1939 to 1945, building and directing the largest army in history.
  • Chester w.nimitz

    Chester w.nimitz
    he was born on february 24, 1885. at a young age he had set his sights on army career,he left high school to enter the naval academy class of 1905. nimitz was an exellent student, specialy in athematics and gratuated with distinction -- seventh in a class out of 114. his first submarine was USS Plunger (A-1)
  • george s. patton

    george s. patton
    born: november 11, 1885
    dead: december 21, 1945
    he was a general of the army which led the third army in a very successful sweep across france during world was II IN 1944, HE WAS SKILLED AT TANK WARFARE. he was considered on of the most successfulcombat generals in U.S history, he help lead the allies victory in the invation of sicily,
  • dwight eisenhower

    dwight eisenhower
    born: october 14, 1890
    died:march 28, 1969
    just 5 days after the bombing of pearl harbor he recieved a phone call which he had been transfered to ft. sam houston
  • Omar bradley

    Omar bradley
    born: februrary: 12, 1893
    died: april 8, 1981
    graduated from west point, under george s patton , he captured bizerte, tunisia in 1943, which led to the surrender of more than 250,00 axis troops.
  • holocaust

    an event of nazis invading and taking jews as hostage.over 6 million jews died.
  • concentration camps

    concentration camps
    a place where jews were held captive.
  • D-Day invation

    D-Day invation
    the day on which the allied forces invaded france during world war II.
  • Bataan death march

    Bataan death march
    was the forcible transfer by the imperial japanese army, of 60,000 filipino and 15,000 american prisoners
  • battle of midway

    battle of midway
    american planes based on land and on carriers decisively defeated a japanese fleet on its way to invade the midway islands
  • operation overlord

    was a code name for the operation that launched the invation of german occupied western europe during WWII
  • postdam conference

    postdam conference
    conference held in postdam in the summer of 1945 where roosevelt, stalin and churchill drew up plans for the administration
  • atomic weapons

    atomic weapons
    a weapon of mass destrucion whose explosive power derives from a nuclear reaction
  • congressional medal of honor

    congressional medal of honor
    the highest u.s military decoration awarded for bravery and valor in actions above and beyond the call of duty
  • conventional weapons

    conventional weapons
    refers to weapons tha are in relatively wide use and are not weapons
  • flying tigers

    flying tigers
    flying tigers was the popular name of the 1st american volunteer group (AVG) of the chinese air force in 1941-1942
  • island hoppers

    island hoppers
    it was an american strategy in the pacific during the workd war II it involved a leap frogging movement of american forces
  • liberty ships

    liberty ships
    a slow cargo ship built during world war II
  • merchant marines

    merchant marines
    the crew of a merchant vessel
  • multiple front war

    multiple front war
    fighting from multiple fronts
  • navajo code talkers

    navajo code talkers
    code talkers was a term used to described people who talk using coded language,
  • tuskegee airmen

    tuskegee airmen
    popilar name for the first cadre of african-american pilots in the u.s military