• Hittler as a boy

    Today we learned about Adoff Hittler’s boyhood. When he was six he started primary school and his father retired from the Austria army, and his brother Edmond was born. When Adoff was eleven his brother died of measels. When he was thirteen his dad died of a lung hemorrhage leaving Adoff to be incharge of the Hittler household
  • Germany’s president dies, Hitler becomes Führer of Germany

  • Nazis murder Austrian Chancellor Dollfuss.

  • Adoff hittler becomes dictator of germany

    Today we learned that adoff hitler became the leader of germany and created the nazis
  • Nazi Party declared Germany's only political party.

  • Evauation of children in london

    Today i learned that the British wanted all children and women out of london so they wouldnt be killed during the war. The people who evauated were called evacuees.
  • The Battle of England

    Today i learned that Germany tried to defeat the British army to destroy the main power in WWII
  • United States freezes German and Italian assets in America.

  • Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor; Hitler issues the Night and Fog decree.

  • United States and Britain declare war on Japan.