• United States Presidential Election

    President Franklin D. Roosevelt ran for a third term against Wendell Willkie.
  • the battle of the phillipines (phillipines campaign)

    invasion of phillipines by japan, the japanese high command decided to withdraw some of its best division and airpower in early jan. 1942, the americans and filipinos successfully hold out for four more months.
  • doolittle raid

    American air attack striking japan's islands including (honshu) proving japan is VULNERABLE! led by Lieutenant Colonel James "Jimmy" Doolittle
  • battle of Midway

    pacific campaign naval battle, U.S. navy beats imperial japanese navy attack against midway atoll.
  • battle of leyte gulf

    Decisive Allied victory. considered to be the largest naval battle of World War II. It was fought in waters near the Philippine islands of Leyte, Samar.
  • battle of iwo jima

    U.S. fought and captured the island of iwo jima
  • V-E Day (victory Europe

    unconditional surrender of Germany
  • battle of the atlantic

    victory for allies! german blockade failed.
  • Battle of okinawa

    long amphibous assault, using island hopping, allied victory at okinawa vs japan
  • bombings of hiroshima and nagasaki

    atomic bombs are unleashed causing devastation and over 100,000 deaths, mostly innocent civilians
  • V-J day

    Victory over japan day, day japan surrenders!