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  • The Stock Market Crash

    The Stock Market Crash
    Brokers began to loan out massive amounts of money at a very high interest rate. Many people who all seemed to share the "get rich quick" idea and decided to invest huge amounts of money in stocks. Once these stocks had a big drop in price range, people realised they would not be making a lot of money from their investment. But not only would they not be making money, they would also be owing the brokers huge amounts of money because they thought they would be able to pay with their profits.
  • Hitler's Rise In Power

    Hitler's Rise In Power
    One of hitlers first rise in power was when he was when he was the leader of the Nazi Party in Germany. This was not enough pwoer for him though, and President Paul Von Hinderburg agreed. It was on this date that Adlof Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany.This is a superior place for Hitler to be at this point in time because of what his plan is all about. He now has control over army, economy, citizens, trades, etc.
  • Germany And Russia's Peace Agreement Violation

    Germany And Russia's Peace Agreement Violation
    The Treaty of Versailles was signed on June 28, 1919, by Germany and the Allied Powers. In March 1921, French and Belgium troops occupied duisberg, which formed part of the demilitarized Rhineland, according to the Treaty of Versailles. In March 1935, under the governemnt of Adolf Hitler, Germany violated the Treaty of Versailles by introducing compulsory military consciption in Germany and rebuilding the armed forces. This included a new Navy, the first full armored division, and an Air Force.
  • The Voyage of The Saint Louis

    The Voyage of The Saint Louis
    The German St. Louis sailed from Germany to Cuba. On the voyage were 938 passengers and one of them was not a refugee. Most had planned to stay in Cuba until they could enter the US. By the time the ship sailed, there were signs that political condition in Cuba might restrict passengers from docking. After beign denied entrance by the US and Cuba, they were forced to sail back to Europe where they docked in Belgium. Those who did not escape to England found them selves under Nazi rule once again
  • Beginning of The Holocaust

    Beginning of The Holocaust
    There has not been a specified date of when the genocide began, but without a doubt, the persecution had begun much earlier. The holocaust refers to the mass killings of jews, conducted by the Germans, or more specifically, the Nazi's. German troops would enslave any Jews - Men, Women, and Children- and bring then into concentration camps. The strong Jewish slaves would be forced to work unbearably hard and long days. The rest of the slaves were to be put in gas chambers to be killed.
  • Juno Beach

    Juno Beach
    Juno Beach was one of five sectors of the Allied invasion of German-occupied France in the Normandy landings on 6 June 1944, during the Second World War. The Juno landings were judged necessary to provide flanking support to the British. Taking Juno was the responsibility of the 3rd Canadian Infantry Division and commandos of the Royal Marines.
  • End of The Holocaust

    End of The Holocaust
    This date marks the end of WWII. Since the mass killings were occuring as logn as the germans were in power and could continue, it was not stopped until Germany was forced to surrender. This genocide included 1/3 of the worlds Jewish people. As the allies liberated different camps, they eventually became away of what had been happening. This was a big change for the Allies as they now could see the importance of the Nazi's being defeated. The Germans would disguise the gas chambers as showers.
  • Victory In Europe

    Victory In Europe
    This was the date that Allied forces gained victory in europe at the end of WWII. This was when the Allies accepted the unconditional surrender of the armed forces of Nazi Germany. This date is now celebrated world wide by members of the allies. This date has been known as VE day, marking when the allies succesfully took back control of the rightful places in Europe.