• Hitler Comes to power

    The president of the German Reich appoints Hitler Chancelor.
  • Germany Prepares for War

    Germany breaks the treaty of Versalies and begins major rearmament.
  • Start of WWII in Europe

    Great Britain and France declare war on Germany.
  • Period: to

    WWII timeline

  • Battle of Britain

    Hitler begins to attack Britain with his Luftwaff (airforce). This is the first defeat hitler suffers in the war. The battle was over a long period of time and started in the summer of 1940.
  • Hitler defeats France

    The Nazi's defeat France and the Allies flee during the Dunkirk Evacuation, which was the worl's largest evacuation.
  • Germany's attack on Africa Begins

    The first of Hitler's soldiers arrive in Tripoli.
  • Hitler Attacks Stalin

    Hitler breaks his nonagression pact with Stalin and attacks the USSR. As time tells this turns out to be a horrible mistake by Hitler.
  • Pearl harbor

    Japan attacks pearl harbor with 353 bomber and torpedo planes. 8 battle ships were damaged while 4 of thos were sank. Over 2000 Americans were killed.
  • Battle of Midway

    This was the game changer in the Pacific
  • Battle of Guatacanal

    This was America's first offensive in the Pcific front.
  • Battle of Stalingrad

    The battle last between August 23, 1942 and is finished on February 2, 1943. Hitler loses his entire Sixth Army. This is the turning point of the entire war where the allies start pushing Hitler back.
  • The Tehran Conference

    Churchhill, Rooselvelt, and Stalin meet. This was the first time all three of them have been together at the same time. Major agrements were decided during this conference for after the war.
  • D-Day

    The Americans, British, and Canadians attack The Normandy Coast of France. Both sides take heavy losses. There was a total of 9000 casualties with about 3000 of those being deaths.
  • Battle of the Bulge

    This was Hitler's last offensive.
  • Auschwitz is Liberated

    The Red Army liberates Auschwitz finding thousands of Jew dead or nearly dead.
  • The Yalta Conference

    Stalin, Churchill, and Roosevelt meet and discuss matters for after the war. One of the main things that came out of this meeting was that they decided France should also be included in occupying Germany after the war.
  • Hitler is Dead

    Hitler commits cuicide with his mistris and his dog in his bomb bunker that was under heavy bombardment from Allied planes.
  • Victory in Europe

    The Allies take control of Berlin and the Europe front is over.
  • The Atom Bomb is Dropped on Hiroshima

    America drops the atom bom on Hiroshima destroying and killing hundreds of buildings and people. The first of two, Japan refuses to surrender after this.
  • We Drop the Atom Bomb on Nagasaki

    This is the second of the two atom bombs dropped this on had a more devistating effect on the loss of lives. Japan eventually surrenders after this one is dropped.
  • The end of WWII

    Japan surrenders and WWII is officialy over.