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  • Invasion of Poland marks the beginning of WW2.

    Invasion of Poland marks the beginning of WW2.
    Germany invaded Poland so they could get back some lost territory. Once Hitler had everything planned out for the targeted country (Poland) he almost instantly began setting up "security" forces to kill anybody who was against his Nazi ideology. He didn't care about race, religion, or politics they followed. If they were against Nazi ideology, they were dead.
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  • Battle of Britain

    Battle of Britain
    This Battle(the Battle of Britain) was fought above the skies of Britain. This battle was between the royal air force (RAF) and the German Lutwaffe. This battle was an attempt by the Lutwaffe to gain air supporiority over the RAF.
  • Germany invades USSR opening Eastern Front.

    Germany invades USSR opening Eastern Front.
    The operation Barbossa was a name invented for the Axis invation of the Soviet Union. This opened the Eastern Front and there, more forces than ever where comminted.
  • Japan bombs pearl Harbor and Franklin Roosevelt declares war.

    Japan bombs pearl Harbor and Franklin Roosevelt declares war.
    This was mainly because Japan was looking to destroy important American places since that will eliminate any Pacific fleet from getting in the way of Japan conquering the Dutch East Indues and Malaya also this will allow Japan to take Southeast Asia without something in the way.
  • Bataan Death March and Japan takes Philippines.

    Bataan Death March and Japan takes Philippines.
    They did this March hoping to save Manila from destruction since, after three days of fighting, the Japanese defeated the U.S and the Filipino army in the war of Battan. That's why on April 9, 1942, General Edward King Jr. surrendered to the Japanese.
  • Battle of Stalingrad.

    Battle of Stalingrad.
    The battle of Stalingrad was a battle between the red army of the Soviet Union and the Wehrmacht of the Germany Nazi and their allies. This was all to take control of the Soviet city of Stalingrad.
  • The north American campaign- Allies Drive Germans out of North Africa.

    This took place in North Africa. This also included campaigns that were fought in the Libyan and Egyptian deserts, in Morocco and in Algeria as well in Tunisia. The campaigns were known as the Desert War, Operation Touch, and Tunisia Campaign.
  • Reorganization of Brazil.

    Five new territories were added into Brazil. Since this happened, most of the places in brazil had to be moved, it didn't matter if there was just a bit or a lot.
  • D-Day

    D-Day was a day where the British and it's allied troops landed. It was a war where bombs, mines and fire from the guns could be seen all around the beach areas.
  • Chile enters WW2

    Chile enters WW2
    Since they were pressured by the United states in an economic and social was Chile decided to enter the war and break relationships with the Axis powers.
  • Argentina enters ww2

    Argentina enters ww2
    Argentina just remained sympathetic to Germany during most of the war. But after being threatened by both the U.S and Brazil, Argentina broke relations with the Axis powers.
  • Victory in Europe Day.

    Victory in Europe Day.
    The victory in Europe day is a day where they celebrate the formal acceptance of the Allies in the 2nd world war in the unconditional giving up of Germany.
  • Atomic bomb dropped.

    Atomic bomb dropped.
    The atomic bomb was sent by America and it was dropped in Japan first in Hiroshima and then in Nagasaki. They did this because they wanted Japan to surrender to them so they couldn't kill more people or take more territory. This, ended the war.