WW2 Timeline

  • Japanese Invasion of Manchuria

  • Ausrian Anschluss

  • Munich Agreement and addition to Sudetenland to Germany and the invasion of the rest of Czechloslovakia

  • Nazi-Soviet Nonagression Pact

  • Invasion of Poland

  • Invasion of Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium and France

  • Period: to

    Battle of Britain

  • Japenese Invasion of French Indochina

  • Invasion of Soviet Union

  • Attack on pearl harbor

  • Period: to

    Invasion of the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia

  • Period: to

    The fall of the Philippines

  • Creation of The United Nations

  • Internment of Japenese Americans

  • The Doolittle Raid

  • Period: to

    The Battle of the Coral Sea

  • Period: to

    The Battle of Midway

  • Period: to

    The Battle of Stalingrad

  • Period: to

    Invasion of Guadalcanal

  • Period: to

    Americans land in North Africa

  • Period: to

    The Battle of Kasserine Pass

  • D-Day

  • Invasion of Italy

  • Period: to

    Invasion of Tarawa

  • Period: to

    The Battle of Bulge

  • The Battle of Leyte Gulf

  • Period: to

    The Invasion of Iwo Jima

  • Period: to

    Invasion of Okinawa

  • Period: to

    The Fall of Berlin

  • V-E Day

  • Tokyo Firebombing

  • Bomb Dropped on Hiroshima

  • Bomb Dropped on Nagasaki

  • V-J Day

  • Period: to

    Nurembourg Trials