(WW) Slaughterhouse-5 by Kurt Vonnegut, Non-Fiction, 273 pg.

  • pages 1-40 in slaughterhouse 5 chapter 1

    These 40 pages talked about how the main character Kurt Vonnegut started writing the book and his writing proccess. Kurt Vonnegut is writing about the fire bombing of Dresden, Germany and doesn't really remember much about it. So he meets up with one of his old buddies who was in the war with him and talks about it to refresh his memory. He then talks about how many copies of the book he has made and thrown away and how hard it has been to write the book. Pg. 1-40 40 pgs.
  • pages 40-69 in Slaughterhouse 5 chapter 2

    These pages are about 2 men who were in the war. These mens names were Billy and Weary. Billy is stupid and has given up on life and Weary is big, fat, and mean. They both meet up and become friends in this war. These pages also tell about early expierences in the war for Billy and Weary. 1-40 40-69 pg. 69 pgs.
  • pages 69-100 in slaughterhouse 5 chapter 3-4

    In these chapters Billy and Weary are on a mission and are captured by the germans. They are brought to a camp were they stay for weeks. Billy starts to hilusinate about himself in the future. He thinks of what he will be like in the future and his house and wife and kids. He dazes in and out of war and hopes to die now giving up on life. While on the other hand Weary begins to get horrible soars on his feet and eventually dies because of it. pgs. 69-100 100pgs.
  • Pages 100-150 in slaughter house 5 chapter 4-5

    These chapters talk about billys journeys in the new city he is in. He ends up dazing out and going forward in time again. Were he lives his normal life in L.A. He then comes back into it and meets up with a man named wild Bob. Pgs. 100-150 150pgs.
  • pages 150-212 in Slaughterhouse 5 chapter 5-8

    In these pages Billy dazes forward in time again were he is kidnapped by aliens. He is then taken to an alien zoo and is put into a cage. He then snaps back into the war he is moved into a new area were he has to stay with captured brits. He is thought to be insane after laughing uncontrollably and is put into a mental hospital. He is kept in the mental hospital until the war ends and is then let out.
  • Pages 212-268 in Slaughter house 5 chapter 8-9

    In these chapters it talks about Billys life after the war and his wife and new life. Billy flys on a plane and it crashes he then he is sent to the hospital to recover. While his wife goes to the hospital to see him she gets so histarical that she gets in a car accident and dies. Billy meets his roomate 70 year old Bertram is recovering from a ski accident. Billy is ablivious to his wifes death and lives on not noing about it he stays in the hospital for a while and becomes friendswithBertram.
  • pages 268-273 in slaughterhouse 5 chapters 9-10

    These pages talk about how Billy goes into a daze forward in time and the tralfmadores teach him ways of life. He then has a flash back into the war were dresden is bombed. He and other soldiers dig for bodies in his flashback. This is how the book ends.