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  • Fruit Flies... in space?

    Fruit Flies... in space?
    The fruit flies were the first animals to be launched into space. However Laika was the first animal to orbit the earth. Fruit flies were used to test the effects of space travel ono animals. They were chosen because they are not so different to humans! They traveled into space with a supply of corn.
  • Albert II-The first monkey in space!

    Albert II-The first monkey in space!
    Albert II was a Rhesus monkey, that comes from Asia. He was alos the first monkey to go into space. Albert went into space june 14th 1949 in a specially adapted American V2, that flew into to a height of 83 miles from earth.
  • Space age...Begins!

    Space age...Begins!
    Russia had launched Sputnik I, the first satellite to be in space, and the space age was born. Sputnik means satellite in russian!
  • Laika launched into space

    Laika launched into space
    Laika was launched on the Sputnik II.She was the first dog to orbit the earth. Her mission was to see if a human can survive in space.
  • Yuri Gargain

    Yuri Gargain
    Yuri became the first man in space.Garain's spacecraft was Vostok I. It completed one orbit and landed after two hours after launch. Yuri had to bail out and use his parachute, because the Vostok was designed to crash land.
  • Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin

    Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin
    Buzz and Neil took one small step, and that made them the first men to walk on the moon. Their sapce ship, Apollo 11, worked perfectly. It brought them 250,000 miles to the moon, and brought them back safely to earth.
  • Apollo 13 went boom!

    Apollo 13 went boom!
    Two days into its journey into the moon. Apollo 13 suffered an explosion caused by a wiring fault. Using tools on board they brought the spacecraft home. The mission made a successful failure, although the crew never walked on the moon, they were brought home alive.
  • A new creation!

    A new creation!
    Back then until April 12th 1981 the space craft were only designed to only be used once. The space shuttle,a new invention, was designed to be reused for up to 100 visits to space. With five titanic and powerful rocket motors, it can travel up to 17,00 miles per hour.
  • Space Challenger explosion

    Space Challenger explosion
    The Space Shuttle Challenger exploded shortly after launch. this was caused by a fuel.system failure. All seven of the astronauts on the challenger were killed, and shuttles were grounded for almost three years.
  • Millionaire goes into space

    Millionaire goes into space
    Dennis Tito, who was an american millionaire, was the first tourist to go into space, by paying 20 million dollars. He paid that much to ride in a Russian Soyuz Spacecraft. He spent a week in orbit most of the time in the International Space Station. He had to train for 900 hours just to be a passenger!