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  • The Start of the Space Race

    The Start of the Space Race
    In the year 1957, the Soviet Union and USA were in the Cold War. The Soviet Union launched the first satellite Sputnik. The Americans tries to do the same and try to launch their own rocket but it explodes and is a failure.
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    Freindship 7

  • First Animal in Space

    First Animal in Space
    The Soviet Union was the first to send a nimal in space. The animal was a female dog named Laika. She was sent in Spuntik II and stayed alive for seven days proving that people can go to space.
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  • Nasa Recruits Astronauts

    Nasa Recruits Astronauts
    In the year 1958, the newly formed NASA were in need for astronauts. Their goal was to have the first man go out in space and bring honor back in America. Astronauts needs to be no taller than 5 feet 11 inches. They need to be about 25 to 45 year old. They had the goal of having 508 servicemen in the organization. In training the pilots are shaken, blasted with noise, made to sit with their feet in ice water, and forced to blow up balloons until they are exhausted.
  • The Seven

    The Seven
    Finally, on April 9, 1959, NASA chooses seven astronauts — who instantly became famous as the Seven.
  • The Soviet Union Sent a Man to Space

    The Soviet Union Sent a Man to Space
    The Soviet Union won having a man sent into space and return safely back to earth.
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  • America Sends a Man to Space

    America Sends a Man to Space
    America sends an astronaut to space and does his mission and comes back to earth safely. Though, this does not impress the Soviet Union. Though, America is still in the race!
  • America Sends Man to Circle Earth Launch

    America Sends Man to Circle Earth Launch
    Glenn is the man chosen to orbit earth one full time and land safely back down. His family named the rocket friendship 7. He wanted to convey the message of friendship as he flew over all the people in the worlds.Glenn successfully flies into orbit. Though one of the jets are not working causing the ship to slide right and the heat shield is loose. The heat shield keeps Glenn from burning up when falling back to earth. The craft landed in the Atlantic ocean without fail.
  • Welcome Home

    Welcome Home
    Hundreds of Americans are celebrating and cheering looking forward to hear John Glenn. They reward him with the medal of honor. Though, in the year 1964, he decides he is done with flying. Some people say that the president did not want to risk such a heroic life because of flying. His life continues and he makes history again in the year October 1998, by being the oldest man to fly in space at the age 77.
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  • Apollo 1 Crew Dies

    Apollo 1 Crew Dies
    On January 27, 1967 the crew of Apollo 11 are killed in a fire on the launchpad. They halted there program for one year.
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    Apollo 11

  • Soviet Union Experinces a Death

    Soviet Union Experinces a Death
    On April 23, The Soviet’s spacecraft re-entry parachute fails. They stop launching for one year but secretly continued building rockets.
  • Apollo 11 Team

    Apollo 11 Team
    In the year 1969 of January the NASA came up with a small team of three men to walk on the moon. These men are Neil Armstrong, he has the capability of knowing what to do when an accident happens and takes action (he’s also a pilot in flying). The second man is Buzz Aldrin, he has the capability of having the right skills for a complex lunar landing missions. The last man is Michael Collins, was arranged for a later moon crew but in a twist of fate he turn out to be in the Apollo 11 group.
  • To the Moon Lift Off

    To the Moon Lift Off
    The Soviet Union’s rocket was shredded into pieces. If Apollo 11 avoids that fate, the Americans will win the race to the moon.The astronauts enter inside the rocket. It flies off in the sky. In three minutes the Apollo 11 disappears in the sky. The astronauts got near the moon they slowed down the engines. They successfully made it through the 65 miles above a full moon.
  • Walk On the Moon

    Walk On the Moon
    It is 9:30 p.m. on January 20, 1969. Armstrong and Aldrin take their first walk on the moon. Armstrong comes out of the Eagle. There's a camera, as he steps out the whole world is watching when he takes his first steps on the moon, that is when he says the quote, “That’s one small step for a giant leap for mankind.”
  • Returning Home from the Moon

    Returning Home from the Moon
    On July 24, the capsule have finally reached and landed on the Pacific Ocean. The president Nixon is on board, he says “This is the greatest week in the history of the world since creation. As a result of what you have done, the world has never been closer together.”
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  • A New Crew

    A New Crew
    In 1973, the NASA sends their first space station which is Skylab into orbit. They continue sending in supplies for the space station but it soons becomes really expensive. They are in need for a new group of astronauts with new and different kinds of skills. They United States are asking for a demand of equal rights for women. In this group of astronauts there are two African-American men, a man of Asian descent, and six women.
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  • Hiring Crews

    Hiring Crews
    In January 1978, NASA are asking people to becomes astronauts and they pick from 1,251 other women and 7,000 men. Only 35 people are elected. Each member of the group has different kinds of skills that they will combine so that they can deeply study the moon.
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  • Space Shuttle Lift Off

    Space Shuttle Lift Off
    It’s 3:15 a.m. on Saturday and the crew is ready to lift off. They take off to space! Everyone says, “Ride, Sally Ride!” The crew goes into space and collects all of the satellites and expose about three other satellites. They have completed six successful days in replacing and fixing the satellites. Soon, all the astronauts are safely back home.
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  • First Woman

    First Woman
    In July 17, 1984, Svetlana Savitskaya becomes the first women to walk on space. Her partner Vladimir Dzhanibekov, she conducts welding experiments for over three hours outside the Soviet space station Salyut 7. Savitskaya had become the second woman to fly in space during a Soviet mission in 1982.
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  • First American Woman

    First American Woman
    In October 1984, Ride flies on the Challenger for the second time. Another women named Kathy Sullivan becomes the first American to walk in space this time since it’s her first time on space. The NASA decides to fly a teacher named Christa McAuliffe on Challenger mission 51L. Then, America’s second women to space Judy Resnick. Ride is scheduled to go to the next mission but destruction strikes. The Challenger exploded in it’s launch. All members were killed
  • Mae Jemison

    Mae Jemison
    In the year 1987, a black women named Mae Jemison, ever since she was little, she wanted to become a scientist the more she read as she got older she wanted to go to space. Then, her dream came true. In the year 1987, Mae was accepted into to the NASA’s astronaut program. When the space shuttle Endeavor launched into orbit in 1992 she was in the group, she became the first African-American to go to space!
  • Shannon Lucid

    Shannon Lucid
    On September 26, 1996 Shannon Lucid sets a record time in space- for both a women and an American. After five shuttles flights and six months spending 189 days in space on the Russian space station Mir, her total in space in 223 days.
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