WSR20 Shah Abbas

  • Jan 27, 1571

    Shah Abbas is Born

    Shah Abbas is Born
    Shah Abbas was born. He was the third son of Shah Mohammed. He was born in Herat, which is now in Afghanistan. At the time of his birth his grandfather, Shah Tahmasp, was Shah.
  • Nov 1, 1578

    Abbas Father becomes Shah

    Abbas father is now the Shah. Abbas's mother soon started to dominate the goverernment. She had little time for Abbas and focused mainly on his older brother Hamza. Mohammed was a weak ruler and couldn't keep his enemies down.
  • Jul 1, 1579

    Death of Abbas's mother

    Death of Abbas's mother
    Abbas's mother was dominate in the government. She also made it hard for leaders of the Qizibash. Who later plotted against her and killed her.
  • Abbas becomes the Shah

    Abbas had been under the power of Murshid Qoli Khan, in the city of Khorashan. In 1587, a large Uzbek army invaded Khorashan. Then Murshid thought it was time to overthrow Mohammed. Mohammed didn't refuse and handed the royal isignia over to Abbas.
  • Abbas's first campaign

    With a reformed army he went on to attack the Uzbeks. He defeated the Uzbeks and was able to focus on the Ottomans.
  • Abbas attacks the Ottomans

    Abbas decided he was going to take the ottoman insults no more. Abbas seized the Turkish ammbassador. Then he shaved his beard off and sent him to his sultan in Constantinople. This was the declaration of war.
  • Abbas attacks Yerevan

    Abbas set off to attack Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, and Turkish stronghold. It fell in 1604 and the Ottomans lost the loyalty of the Armenians, Georgians, and Caucasians. But Abbas withdrew from the area not sure how the sultan would respond. When he withdrew he used scorched earth tatics.
  • Death of Abbas's oldest son

    Shah Abbas heard that his son was plotting to kill him. Abbas decided that he had no choice but to kill his son. Abbas then hired a Circassian to kill his oldest son.
  • Abbas retakes Hormuz

    With the help of four english ships, Abbas was able to retake Hormuz. Hormuz was orignaly captured by the Portuguese and Abbas captured it in the Capture of Ormuz.
  • Shah Abbas dies

    Mohammed Baqir Mirza becomes Shah, after Abbas dies due to illness in his palace in Mazandaran