world war two tucker holly

  • Blitzkrieg

    the term is german it is a fighting tactic. The word means lighting war. All you do is fight with armored or motorized vehicls.
  • Period: to

    japan invades china

    It was a military conflict. China fought japan with the help of germany. China joined the allies after the attack on pearl harbor.
  • munich conference

    This conference was all about permitting germanys annexation of portions of czechoslovakia. The main powers of europe were there. Today it was widely know as the failed appeasment.
  • non aggression pact

    The soviets and the germans had a non aggression was because of germany that it ended. Germany invaded russia and broke the pact.
  • Period: to

    battle of britain

    This was an air battle for englanbn d. The german objective was to gain suporior over the royal air force. The british forced hitler to cancel operation sea lion. However germany continued to bomb britain
  • germany invades poland

    Also known as the september campaison or the 1939 defensice war. Germany anexed poland.
  • lend lease act

    This was basically saying that if you lend me somthing. then if you ever need anything i will lend it to you. 50.1 billion dollars were used to help people
  • Period: to

    the holocaust

    the holocaust was a terrible time for jews. it was a massive genocide in which six million jews were killed by nazis. They were targeted and murderd. Also they were in cocentration camps.
  • operation barbossa

    This was nickname for Germany invasion of the soviets. 4 million soviets invaded russia. It was the largets invaison in history of warfare
  • pearl harbor

    The japannese decide to attack an american naval base in pearl harbor. this creats all out war. America was very mad. This led to the obmbings of hiroshima and nagasaki.
  • bataan death march

    This was a march of death for many american prisoners. this was a 60 mile journy. it was just after the battle of bataan
  • battle of midway

    this was a short battle it was a naval battle. It was in the pacific. The u.s. vs. japan. This was created because of pearl harbor
  • Period: to

    battle of stalingrad

    This was a major battle of world war two. Germany fought the soviets. They wanted to take control of stalingrad.
  • Period: to

    battle of iwo jima

    Major battle for the U.S.. we captured the island of iwo jima. From the jap imperirial army during world war two. This was also called operation detachment.
  • D- Day

    this was called the battle od normandy. 156,000 british, american, and canadian forces landed on five beaches ranging 50 miles. It was a very large amphibious attack.
  • Period: to

    battle of the bulge

    This battle was a german offensive campaign. The main idea of this was to reasure the importance of the antwerp harbor. this had the highest casulties for the U.S. during the war
  • battle of okinawa

    this battle lasted for a month. It was fought on the ryukyu islands. During this battle it included the largest amphibious assult. the battle lasted 82 days. There was alot od island hoping
  • V-E day

    victory in europe day. this was created a public holiday. To mark the formal acceptance of germany
  • the bombing of hiroshima and nagasaki

    Aug 6 and aug 9 were the days that a total of 246,000 people were killed. Two bombs were dropped. They were nuclear bombs the first and hopefully the last to be used in war.
  • V-J day

    Known as the victory over japan day. This was the day japan surrenderd. This officially ended world war two. When japan sighned the documents.
  • warsaw pact

    treaty of friendship. THis was a treaty with 8 communist states. Part of the soviet reaction to integration.