World War II Timeline_STully

  • Japan Invades China

    Also know as the Japan-China war. Started because japanese said thechinese started shooting on them at marco polo bridge. The japanese used this as an excuse to launch a ful scale invasion on china.All of the major cities in chinca were captured by 1937.
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    The Holocaust

    this was the mass murder of jews and other groups under the rule of Hitler.they were placed in concetration camps where they either died of malnutrition of were burned.
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    Munich Conference

    a conference held in munih that allowed Germany to annex certain parts of czechoslovakia.The leaders of Great Britian ,Frac=nce, and Italy all agreed.
  • Non-Agression Pact

    This was a pact signed a few days befor the start of wwII between Germany and the Soviet Union.They promised not to attack eachother.It put the partition of Poland and the rest of eastern Europe into Soviet and German sphere of influence.
  • Germany Invades Poland

    german forces bombard poland from land and air. the polish forces were severyl undereqiped. they atempted tot ake the germans head on.This failed on the Polish side. Great Britian would respond with bombing raids over Germany three days later.
  • Blitzkrieg

    Used in Germans Invasion of Poland. It was their term for "Lightning war". its designed to create disorginization among enemy forces.if sucessful it results in short military campaigns, less used artillery, and fewer lives lost.
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    Battle of Britian

    The Battle of Britian is the name given to the air campaign launched by the German air force against the United Kingdom.even though britian seeemed to have more planes and expirienced pilots on paper, both air forces were evvenly matched. Hitlers air force failed to gain air superiority. due to this he postponed his invasion on britian although they continued to bomb Britian till the end of the war.
  • Lend-Lease Act

    Provided U.S military aid to foriegn nations during wwII. The president could transfer arms with congress appropriated money. This act brought the U.S one step closer to entering into the war.
  • Opperation Barbarossa

    Hitler whent through with a massive invasion into the Soviet Union. The invasion covered a distance of two thousand miles. This was a crucial turning point. It was a failure for nazi Germany forcing them to fight a two sided war.
  • Pearl Harbor

    just beor 8:00 am hundreds of japanese fighter planes attaked the naval base of pearl harbor.They destroyed nearly 20 naval ships, almost 200 airplanes,and nearly 2,000 americans died.The day after war was declared on japan.
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    Bataan Death March

    the U.S surrenderd at the Bataan Penninsula to the jappenese during WWII. About 75,000 filipino and american troops had to make a 65 mile march to prision camps.
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    Battle of Midway

    Thisbattle took place six months after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. The United States deafeted Japan in one of the bigger naval battlesof the war. One of the major advantages was the U.S was able to dedcode and preempt Japans planned ambush.This victory allowed the Allies to move into the offensive position.
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    Batlle of Stalingrad

    The turning point of wwII in Europe.Germany lost this battle.Stalingrad was an important city and the russian army could not afford to take any more steps bacwards and lose this battle.
  • D-Day

    the allies got liberation of western europe from nazi control. American ,British, and canadian forces landed on five beaches , this is one of the largest amphibious military assualts in history.
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    Battle of the Bulge

    2,ooo German troops plus 1,00 tanks took actionn in Hitlers last bid to split the allied troops who had landed on frances shores on D-Day. This would turn the war in his favor.Through Janurary American troops waded through large amounts of snow restored the front and set the stage for the final victory. Hitle never again would be able to lunch an attack in the west on sucha ascale. This battle is known as the greatest battle in American militarty history.
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    Battle of Iwo Jima

    The Americans used their war tactic of island hopping to invade Iwo JIma. The United States wanted a base near the coast of japan.They used air and naval bombardment.
  • Battle of Okinawa

    The capture of Okinawa was part of a three point plan the Maericans had made to win the war in the far East.The attack took a heavy toll on both sides but was an american victory,
  • V-E Day

    Both Great Britian and the United States celebrate victory in Europe day.this is the day when German troops throughout Europe finally laid down their arms.
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    Bombing of Hiroshima/Nagasaki

    an american bomber plane dropped the first ever atomic bomb. the first bomb was dropped on whiped out 90 percent of the city. thousands were killed and more later from raditation posing. The next bomb was dropped on nagasaki wich brought about the ending to WWII.
  • V-J Day

    Japan surrenders to the allies. This effectivly ended WWII.Called victory over japan day.
  • Warsaw Pact

    the soviet union and seven of its European satellites signed the warsaw pact. this was a defense treaty. Kind of like saying you have whoever is in the pacts back. this lasted until 1991.