World War II Timeline:

  • Holocaust

    A horrible time because of ingrained antisemitism both in Germany and the countries it conquered, millions of jews were hurt and killed.
  • Bell Aircraft

    The Company Located in Georgia was important to the production of the b-29 bomber. This bomber was the most technologically advanced during the war.
  • Word War 2 Starts

    Germany tried to take over nation after nation and Japan was taking over large areas of China and other countries of southeast Asia. The
    U.S continued to watch from the sidelines.
  • Savannah Ship yard AND Brunswick

    Large number of civilians built “liberty ships” during WW2 These ships were used to transport troops and supplies to both the European and Pacific fronts .187 ships used during the war were built in either Savannah or Brunswick.
  • Lend-lease Program

    U.S sent billions of dollars worth of supplies to Britain, France, China, and the Soviet Union and In exchange these countries gave the U.S. base right to there military bases.
  • Pearl Harbor

    Hundreds of Japanese planes attacked Pearl Harbor in hopes of crippling the U.S. military to further their plan to take over more land in Pacific.
  • D-Day

    During World War II when Allied forces invaded northern France by means of beach landings in Normandy.
  • Yalta Confrence

    Recognizing that a victory over Japan might require a protracted fight, the United States and Great Britain saw a major strategic advantage to Soviet participation in the Pacific theater. Information from:
  • Hitler's death

    The Dictator of Germany and the cause of the holocaust died.
  • Bomb dropped in hiroshima

    First Atomic bomb from U.S. in Japan.
  • Bomb dropped in Nagaasaki

    Second and final atomic bomb dropped in Japan to stop WW2.
  • OFFICAIL end of WW2

    When World War Two Official Ended.
  • United Nations is formed

    Created to promote international co-operation, a replacement for the ineffective League of Nations.
  • Richard Russel

    Was governor of Georgia and a U.S. senator, serving in the senate for 38 years and he helped the U.S prepare to fight in WWII.
  • Carl Vinson

    Carl Vinson received Presidential Medal of Freedom and had a U.S. nuclear powered aircraft carrier named after him and he was Best known for being the “Father of Two Ocean Navy.”