World War II Time Line

  • Period: to

    Benito Mussolini

    Mussolini wanted intense nationalism instead of socialism.He promised to end corruption and replace turmoil with order.He also promised to turn the Mediterrnean back into a roman sea again.Mussolini organized a group called the Black Shirts.The Black shirts favored vilolence. .In March 1919 Mussolini created the Fascist party.He brought the economy under state control. Under his power people of bussiness, labor, government and the facist party controlled industry, agriculture, and trade.
  • Period: to

    Joseph Stalin

    Joseph Stalin was the creator of the Five year plan.The five yar plan brought the whole country under state rule.This meant that the state decided everything for the people like farm production and where it would be sold to.After Lenin Trosky died Stalin took over complete rule of the country.He later joined forces with Hitler to create the ''peaceful'' Nazi-Soviet union.
  • Italian Invasion of Ethiopia

    This was a Colonial war between Italy , which was run by Mussolini, and Ethopia.
  • Occupation of the Rhineland

    Germany took over Rhineland and hitler conquered the area.
  • The Spanish civil war

    The Spanish Civil War was a rebel aganist the rebulician government.This war occured because the military coup failed to gain power over the entire country.It was fought between the Nalionalist and the Rebulicans. The Nalionalist recieved help from fascist Ital and nazi Germany.The Republicans recieved help from the Soviet Union and the International bridages.
    The war began in Garrison towns thoughtout spain.On July 21st 1936 the Nationalist gained control over Spanish Morocco, the Canary island
  • Air Raid on Guernica

    A raid of planes attacked the town of Guernica in Spain and killed over 1600 people.
  • The Anschluss

    The Anschluss was a union of Austria and Germany. Hitler wanted to run this union but Austria's chancellor refused Hitler's demand.This lead to a breif war.
  • Munich Conference

    Britain and France were the leaders during this conference. They did as Hitler told them and forced Czechs to surrender the Sudetenland.Hitler wanted to do this in an appeasing way. Meaning that he didn't want a fight.
  • Period: to

    The Holocaust

    6 million Jews were killed and sent to concerntration camps by the Nazi Regime.
  • Annexation of Czechoslovakia

  • Nazi-Soviet Pact

    Hitler and Joseph Stalin joined forces to make a peaceful relationshipi.They agreed not to fight and to invaded/divide Poland and other parts of Eastern Europe.
  • Period: to

    Invasion of Poland

    At the end of WWI the treaty of Versailles was signed.Sanctions on germany caused the decline in the economy.Germany wanted to take over land in Poland so that Germany could connect with Prusia.Poland refused to Hitler's demands.Stalin joined a treaty with Hitler and took over parts of poland and spilting them with the Soviet Union.On September 17 1939 the Soviet Union was invaded by Germany and lost their land in Poland.
  • Formation of Vichy France

    This was the split of France into German occupied and the unoccupied zone.
  • Fall of France

    France cut off British sources.They also sent troops from france and Belgium to fight aganist the Germans.Germany boomed the french.England ordered evryone to evacuate.There were 120,000 french and 248,226 British troops.This was called Operation Dynamo.On June 25 France signed a treaty and surrendered to Germany.
    After France surrenedered Britian tried to help by fighting in the Mediterranean, over seas, and in the air.They didn't actually go back to help until June 6,1994 also known as D-Day.
  • Battle Britain

    The battle of britain was fought in the skies over the English Channel.Ireland was a nothern island and was a neutrality.
  • Formation of the Rome-Berlin-Tokyo axis

    The three axis powers joined forces with the Tripartite Pact september 27 1940 and by the end of WWII the axis was distroed completely.
  • Formation of the "Free French"

    Charles DeGaolle refused the truce with France and Germany and then fled to England and formed the "Free France".
  • Operation Barbarossa

    Name given to Nazi Germany after the invassion of Russia.
  • Attack of Peral Habor

    Japanese felt U,S involvement in WWII was destine to happen.American oil Embargo caused crisis in Japan.
    Pacific fleat and Army Air corps rallied and supported Armed forces.Warship was destroyed .Japan did not declare war until after success in Peral habor because of the attack on the habor japanese were taken from their homes and bussinesses n sent to concentration camps. Japanese kamikaze piolets made suicide attacks upon ships.Most Americans were pacifists until the bombing.
  • Period: to

    Battle of Midway

    US discovered japanese fleet North East of Midway. Japanese fighters attacked by torpedo bombs. Most were destroyed.
  • Period: to

    El Alamein

    Battle of El Alamein fought in desert of North Africia. It was the last stand for Allies.
  • Period: to

    Battle of Stalingrad

    Germans attacked Stalingrad. This was the turning point in the war. It destroyed much of the German allies in Russia.
  • D-Day

    Allied forces invaded France during World War II. On June 5 1944 Allied planes dropped paratroops behind enemy lines. Then a 12 midnight thousands of ships using sonar and radar crossed the English Channel bringing across 156,000 troops.
    In early August a massive armored division under American General George S. Patton helped the joinning British and American forces.Mean while Frace won freedom from German powers within a month of this.
  • Period: to

    Battle of the Bulge

    This was the last major nazi offensive against Allies. The attack by german's created a " Bulge" of allies on the front line.
  • Period: to

    Iwo Jima

    U.S plan to win war in far east.After island-hopping Iwo Jima is small 2.5 mile wide 4.5 long.The island is south of japan. It held a large amount of weapons and two airfields. U.S boomed the island.
  • V-E Day

    Germany surrenders to everyone . They finally give up.
  • Decision to use atomic weapons

    United States exploded an atomic bomb over Hiroshima killing thousands of people.
  • V-J Day

    Japan surrendered uncoditionally to the Allies, ending WWII.WWII was a "total war". 70 nations took part in this war.