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World War II Stalingrad Sabrina&Brittany

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  • Period: to


    Hitler placed major emphasis in the summer campaign on the Southern part of Germany-Soviet front in operation Blau
  • Voronezh

    Hitler sent General Fedor Von Bock's army group south east from around Kursk to secure Voronezh which fell to the Germans
  • Formation of Armies (Russian)

    Formation of Armies (Russian)
    The Soviet General Staff had formed the Stalingrad front consisting of the 62nd. 63rd, and 64th armies all under command of Marshal Semen K Timoshenko
  • Change of Plans

    Change of Plans
    Hitler ordered a change of plans demanding the simultaneous capture of Stalingrad
  • Period: to

    The Battle

    The entire battle of Stalingrad
  • Rostov

    Army group A captured Rostov
  • Change of Positions

    Change of Positions
    Marshal Semen K Timoshenko replaced General V. N. Gordov
  • Hoth's Fourth Army

    Hoth's Fourth Army
    Hitler ordered Hoth's Fourth Army from the Caucasus North to the West banks of the Volga
  • Volga and Bombing

    Volga and Bombing
    The sixth army reached the Volga North of Stalingrad and 1,000 German planes bombed Stalingrad
  • Battle

    A costly battle of attrition raged over Stalingrad
  • Stalin

    Stalin arrived at Stalingrad to take overall charge of the operations
  • Operation Uranus

    Operation Uranus
    Youtube VideoOperation Uranus began and was timed to coincide with the frosts
  • Operation Uranus: Day Two

    Operation Uranus: Day Two
    The second day of Operation Uranus the Soviets sent between 1,350 and 1,414 combat aircrafts to Stalingrad
  • Operation Uranus in action

    Operation Uranus in action
    Operation Uranus had encircled the sixth army and had driven some units of the fourth army into the pocket
  • Pitomnik

    The Soviets took Pitomnik, the principal airfield in the pocket of Stalingrad
  • Surrender

    The Northern group of German units surrendered (Last group)