World War II Military and Bystander

  • Allies given up fight: Bystander

    The allies have given up fight for southern and central parts of Norway, announces Prime Minister Chamberlain
  • Beggining of the War: Bystander

    Germany started WW II by entering, and invading Poland. Just one month later Poldand had been defeated, and then it was split up between the Soviet Union and Germany
  • Beginning of the War: Military

    Germany invades Poland and controls it only a few weeks after. It was divided between Germany and The Soviet Union
  • Period: to

    World War II

  • President Signs In Law: Bystander

    President Roosevelt signs a treaty of neutrality, proclaiming that the United States was not entering the war.
  • Called to Help: Military

    Winston Churchill, the First Lord of England, calls the allies through out Europe to join the war and help
  • Dunkerque:military

    German forces were pinning down the allies, when 400,000 brittish Soldiers begin to retreat. The Germans and allies captured Narvik and Norway
  • Evacuation: Bystander

    British troops evacuate Norway. As Germans strike within 35 miles of paris the government leaves. Italy then goes to war with France and Great Britian.
  • Roosevelt Confeence: Bystander

    The announcement of the Atlantic Charter, also known as the Eight Point Program, confirmed the rumor of Roosevelt Churchhill's see conference.
  • U.S. joins: Military

    The United States declares war on Germany and Italy. the Ship Haruna is sunk by the United States Airforce. Wake is attacked by the japanese.
  • No seperate peace: Bystander

    The United Nations pledged and signed a pact that said there would be no seperate peace with the axis powers.
  • Mutual Aid: Bystander

    Russia and the United states sign a mutual aid pact.
  • Landing on Admirality Island: Military

    American troops land on Admirality Island. General Mcarther plans for a suprise attack on the Axis allies.
  • Cherbourg: Military

    The United States blast a straight path through the heart of Cherbourg. trapping over 25,000 Germans at the same time
  • "In Sight" Military

    General Montegomery claims that the end of the war is "in sight". German tanks reach Versailles and take positions on both sides of Paris
  • End of campain: Bystander

    The end of the Leyte Campain is announced by General MacArthur.
  • Atatack of Japan: Military

    1500 planes bomb Japan. the Americans invade the City of Coregidor. 30,000 Marines land and attack the Japanese island of Iwo