World War II Germany

  • Himmler NL

    With A Dream Being A Solider He Joined A Right Wing Freikrops Paramillitary Organzation
  • Hitler Becomes In Power Of Germany

    This Is When Hitler Controls Germany Or Their Dictator
  • Luftwaffe

    It Is The Name Of The Germany Air Force They Became One Of The Strongest Air Foreces During World War 2
  • Hitler Attacks Poland

    Envasion Of Poland Also Know As September Campiagn The Germans Forces North South And West Of Poland
  • The Battle Of Britian As

    Churchill Gave A Speech That The Battle Of France And The Battle Of Britian Is About To Begin For Days After The Battle Of France They Surrendured
  • The Secons Battle Of El Alamein

    This Battle Took 20 Days Near Egypt The Allies Won And It Took A Turning Point In History
  • The Battle Of El Alamin

    It Was Fought In The Desert Of North Africa It Was Fought By Two Of The Most Outstanding Commanders During World War 2
  • The Battle Of The Bulge AS

    The Germans Attack From The Forrest And Slowly Broke Through American Lines The Farther They Got The Harder It Got For Germany And They Soon Failed