World War II: European Theater

  • German Invasion of Poland

    Started WWII
  • Period: to

    Battle of the Atlantic

    Longest conquest of WWII
  • Battle of Britian

    The Summer and Autumn of 1940
  • Order of The Final Solution

    The Germans plan and execution of gennocide of the jews.
  • Period: to

    Battle of El Alamein

    Turning point in the western dessert
  • Battle of Stalingrad

    Arguably the biggest turning point of the European Front, where Russia beat the Nazi's.
  • Operation Torch

    British-American invasion of French North Africa in World War II during the North African Campaign, started 8 November 1942.
  • Battle of Monte Cassino

  • Operation Overload (D-Day)

    The Normandy Landings were the landing operations of the Allied invasion of Normandy, also known as Operation Neptune and Operation Overlord, during World War II. The landings commenced on Tuesday, 6 June 1944 (D-Day), beginning at 6:30 AM
  • Battle of Prussia

  • Operation Market Garden (Battle of Arnhem)

  • Battle of Hurtgen Forest

  • Period: to

    Battle of the Bulge

    The Battle of the Bulge, fought over the winter months of 1944 – 1945, was the last major Nazi offensive against the Allies in World War Two. The battle was a last ditch attempt by Hitler to split the Allies in two in their drive towards Germany and destroy their ability to supply themselves
  • V-E Day

    Total Victory in the European front.