World War II

  • Roosevelt decides to invade Morocco and Algeria

    Roosevelt decided to invade Morocco and Algeria because it would not require many troops, and would increase the experience of soldiers. It would also aid Britian's battle with the Germans in Egypt.
  • Hitler targets the city of Stalingrad in Russia.

    Hitler targets the city of Stalingrad in Russia.
    Hitler had aimed to cut off resources to Russia. After burning all of their crops and pulling back deeper the Russians had left the Germans to freeze, then they starved them out and won the war. This was one of Hitlers major defeats.
  • Mussolini is arrested.

    Mussolini is arrested.
    The attack on Sicily caused chaos in the Italian government, leading to king Victor Emmanuel to remove Mussolini from power. Within the text, it says, " “My dear Duce,” the king began, “it’s no longer any good. Italy has gone to bits. Army morale is at rock bottom. The soldiers don’t want to fight anymore. . . . You can certainly be under no illusion as to Italy’s feelings with regard to yourself. At this moment, you are the most hated man in Italy.” "
  • Eisenhower commanded the invasion of Sicily.

    During the attack on Sicily American tanks ragaged German lines. They captured the Western side of the island, pushing East. The British flanked German troops from the south and pushed the Germans out of the island.
  • The Tehran Conference

    The Tehran Conference
    Roosevelt and Stalin come to an agreement to devide Germany after the war in order to nullify its power. Stalin had also agreed to an International Peacekeeping Organization after the war.
  • Roosevelt elects Eisenhower the commander for Operation Overlord.

    Rosevelt and Churchill discuss how to go about an invasion of France that would lead to Germany fighting a two front war. He believed Eisenhower was his most fit cantidate.
  • Fooling Germany

    Hitler had placed troops by the French coast along the English Channel, believing that the Allies would attack from an area closest to Britain. The allies moved dummy equipment along the border in order to reinforce these beliefs. Their real plan was to attack on the Normandy Coast, 60 miles away.
  • Germans seize northern Italy and return Mussolini to power.

    Germans take refuge in the fortified town of Cassino. There, they return Mussolini to power. The allies take refuge in Anzio due to more formitable terrain. Fighting in Italy lasted another year before the Germans were forced to retreat.
  • Planning the date for D-Day

    With more than 1.5 million Americans harbored in England, and tons of equipment, America began planning the day that they would attack. They referred to the latter as "D", giving the event its name. Achiving all requirements, on June 6, 1944, Eisenhower gave the final order to attack.
  • The D-Day Invasion

    The D-Day Invasion
    100k soldiers and 23k paratroopers arrived at the Normandy Coast. Bombers and warships rampaged the coast. Codename "Utah" beach was captured in three hours, but Omaha was more difficult. Due to the terrain, soldiers dug trenches while under heavy German fire. Omar Bradley made plans to retreat but American soldiers began advancing up the coast, to high ground on which the battle of D-Day had ended in success.