World War 2 timeline

Timeline created by Ehawley
  • Battle of Britain

    Battle of Britain
    This was a bombing battle that left some of Britain in ruins. It finally ended in the following fall because Germany failed to win superiority over the royal air force.
  • invasion of the soviet union

    invasion of the soviet union
    Hitler scrapped the non-aggressive pact to perform a surprise attack and take over on the soviet union. The agreement lasted from 1939 until this point.
  • pearl Harbor

    pearl Harbor
    Very early on December 7th, Japanese pilots attacked the navy base at Pearl harbor and though it only lasted for two hours, it was absolutely devastating. More than 2,000 Americans died, 1,000 were injured, 300 planes destroyed, and huge battleships were destroyed during this. The United states joined the war.
  • Battle of stalingrad

    Battle of stalingrad
    This battle started in 1942 (no date given) and ended on the second of February 1943. This is one of the most crucial engagements of World War 2 because its considered to be a turning point in the war. In this battle, the soviet union surround and eliminated an entire German army.
  • Battle for brest

    Battle for brest
    This is another very underrated battle. This was part of the "invasion of Mainland Europe" Allied plan. It called for the capture of port facilities. Brest was surrounded by US troops, this wasn't an easy win for the US because the German Garrison was well entrenched. Eventually the very old city of Brest (located in Britain" was destroyed only leaving a few buildings standing.
  • Battle of Aachen

    Battle of Aachen
    I found this battle interesting because I had never heard of it. Its actually called a "forgotten battle" which intrigued me. This battle started on October 2nd and lasted until the 21st. This battle should be more known because it was actually a great success for the US. It destroyed the German city, Aachen. US captured the fallen city.