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World War 2 Timeline

  • Germany Invades Poland

    Germany Invades Poland
  • Phoney War

    Phoney War
    A span of 7 months in which the Allies waited for the germans to make their first move. Nothing happened until May 10, 1940.
  • Britain Declares War on Germany

    Britain Declares War on Germany
  • Canada Declares War on Germany

    Canada Declares War on Germany
    After a special session in parliament, King promises there will be no conscription, and declares war on Germany. This was a decision Canada was required to make on its own, unlike the first world war where it was automatically at war because of Britain.

    Canada Hosts the British Commonwealth air training plan in hopes to train pilots and other flight personnel, this was also an attempt to avoid the issue of conscription.
  • Evacuation of Dunkirk

    Evacuation of Dunkirk
    The germans surrounded the allies, forcing them to escape by sea to the port of Dunkirk, Germans bombed the port of Dunkirk making it harder for the allies to escape. The allies rounded up all the boats that could sail the English channel and used them to escape. Evacuation was completed on June 4th.
  • Germany's Blitzkrieg

    Germany's Blitzkrieg
    German panzers crash through enemy lines, war planes bombed enemy lines, parachuted in and destroyed communication and transportation links that belonged to the allies.
  • France Surrenders

    France Surrenders
    France Surrenders to Germany because they were no match for the German army.
  • Operation Sea Lion

    Operation Sea Lion
    Germany starts massive bombing campaign on harbours and shipping facilities, eventually changed focus to civilians. Couldn't beat the British air force because they had radars on the Germans.
  • Hitler stops bombing Britain

    Hitler stops bombing Britain
    Hitler gives up on bombing Britain
  • Operation Barbarossa

    Operation Barbarossa
    Hitler decides to invade the USSR even though they agreed not to invade each other. Hitler's army pushed the Soviet army farther and farther back, but they weren't ready for the soviet winter, giving the soviet army an advantage.
  • Bombing of Pearl Harbour

    Bombing of Pearl Harbour
    Japanese army bombs pearl harbour, America declared war on Japan, and Germany and Italy declared war on USA. The Japanese then took over Hong Kong on December 25th, 1975. Canadians were killed or taken prisoner.
  • Cracking Codes

    Cracking Codes
    The British Cracked German naval code, Allies could now track German submarine moves easily. Not truly occured on May !st, however, just sometime in the month.
  • Battle of Dieppe

    Battle of Dieppe
    The Dieppe raid was a trial run to test out techniques but ended in a terrible tragedy. It consisted of 4 pre dawn attacks and one main attack in town. A ship carrying Canadian soldiers came into combat with a German Convoy and the noises were heard ashore by the Germans. Germans started gunning down all the Canadian soldiers who were visible under daylight.
  • German Army Surrenders to the Soviet Army

    German Army Surrenders to the Soviet Army
    German Army surrenders to the Soviet army in early 1943
  • Invasion Of Sicily

    Invasion Of Sicily
    Germany had slow advances, mixed with the terrible weather. Germany eventually withdrew. They fought for a month and lost 1372.
  • D-Day-"Operation Overlord"

    D-Day-"Operation Overlord"
    A full scale invasion of Europe starting at 5 beaches codenamed "Sword", "Juno", "Gold", "Omaha", and "Utah". Germans thought that because of the weather conditions, there would be no attacks made. The British went in with massive air and naval support. Because of this, the allies had a greater advantage.
  • Battle for Paris

    Battle for Paris
    The French capital Paris is liberated under the command of Charles de Gaulle.
  • Death of Hitler

    Death of Hitler
    Hitler commits suicide in his bomb proof shelter with his mistress Eva Braun.
  • Germany's Unconditional Surrender

    Germany's Unconditional Surrender
    Hitler's successor, Admiral Donitz offers an unconditional surrender to the allies.
  • Hiroshima

    The Allies created a lethal atomic bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima because Japanese admirals wouldn't surrender.
  • End of War

    End of War
    The Japanese unconditionally surrender to the allies, marking the end of the war.
  • Nagasaki Bomb

    Nagasaki Bomb
    US dropped an atomic bomb on Nagasaki because the generals had not surrendered following the bomb of Hiroshima.