World War 2 timeline

  • Period: to

    World War 2

  • Hitler becomes leader

    1921 Adolf Hitler becomes leader of the Nazi Party
  • prime minister

    1922 Benito Mussolini appointed Prime Minister of Italy
  • sovient union

    1929 Josef Stalin sole dictator of the Soviet Union (USSR)
  • Japan's army

    1931 Japan’s Army seizes Manchuria, China
  • Chancellor of Germany

    1933 Hitler is named Chancellor of Germany
  • invading

    1935 Italian Army invades Ethiopia in Africa
  • neutrailty

    1935 Neutrality Act passed by US Congress
  • take out

    1936 Militarist take control of Japanese Government
  • Versailles Treaty

    1936 Hitler sends troops into Rhineland of Germany in violation of the Versailles Treaty
  • massacre

    1937 Japan’s army pillages Nanjing, China; massacre a quarter of a million people.
  • Munich

    1938 Munich Pact signed giving the Sudetenland of Czechoslovakia to Germany
  • Rounding up

    1938 Nazis begin rounding up Jews for labor camps
  • Nazi-sovient pact

    1939 Nazi-Soviet Pact signed by Hitler and Stalin
  • Nazis invade Poland

    1939 Sept 1st - Nazis invade Poland; Britain and France declare war on Germany
  • taking control

    1940 Nazis invade Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Belgium – take control
  • invades France

    1940 Germany invades France and forces it to surrender
  • Battle of Britain

    1940 Battle of Britain – Royal Air Force defeats German Air Force to prevent invasion of their island
  • peacetime

    1940 First time Peacetime Draft in US
  • USSR

    1941 Hitler breaks Pact with Stalin’s Russia and invades -USSR now joins England in fighting the Germans
  • Alantic charter

    1941 Churchill and FDR issue the Atlantic Charter
  • War with Japan

    1941 Pearl Harbor in Hawaii attacked by Japanese Naval and Air forces, US declares war on Japan, Germany941 Japanese invade French Indochina (Viet. Laos, Cambodia) and Italy declare war on the US
  • Philippines fail

    1942 Philippines fall to Japanese – Bataan Death March
  • save moscow

    1942 Russians stop Nazi advance at Stalingrad save Moscow
  • isolated camps

    1942 Japanese Americans interned in isolated camps
  • battle of midway

    1942 Battle of Midway, turning point of war in the Pacific
  • defeate Germany

    1943 British and US forces defeat German and Italian armies in North Africa
  • zoot suit riots

    1943 Zoot Suit Riots – Los Angeles, CA
  • prime min

    1943 July - Italy surrenders, Mussolini dismissed as Prime Min.
  • France and Normandy

    1944 June - D-Day invasion of France at Normandy by Allies
  • Paris

    1944 Aug. - Paris retaken by Allies Forces
  • battle of bulge

    1944 Dec. Battle of the Bulge – last offensive of German Forces
  • us forces return

    1945 Jan. – US forces return to recapture the Philippines
  • FDR dies

    1945 April 16th - FDR dies, Harry S. Truman becomes President
  • war ends in Europe

    1945 May 8th - V-E Day, war ends in Europe
  • bombs droped

    1945 Aug. - First Atomic Bombs dropped
  • V-J day

    1945 Aug. 14th – V-J Day, Japan surrenders to Allied Forces