• Germany Invades Poland

    WHO: Germany/PolandWHAT: Germany Invaded PolandWHERE: PolandWHEN: September 1, 1939WHY: They could attack Poland without having to worry about the Soviets. The Poland army was demolished within weeks.
  • Battle Of Britain

    Battle Of Britain
    WHO: Germany and BritainWHAT: Germany needed to get a hold of the English Channel so they could attack Britain.WHERE: Britain/ English ChannelWHEN: Between August and September of 1940WHY: Germany lost another battle, every loss crumpled the German defense more.
  • Lease-Lend Act

    WHO: Roosevelt and BritainWHAT: America was to aid Britain in need of warWHERE: The act was signed in the United StatesWHEN: March 11, 1941WHY: Allowed Roosevelt to be involved in the transfer of Britain’s war materials.
  • Germany Declares War On U.S.

    WHO: Germany and Allied Nations WHAT: President of the U.S told the Navy and Air Force to strike Germany. In return, Hitler declares war on the United StatesWHERE: The WorldWHEN: December 11th, 1941WHY: With the U.S being in the Allied forces, it involved much more than just the U.S and Germany.
  • Battle Of El Alamein

    Battle Of El Alamein
    WHO: General Erwin Rommel, MontgomeryWHAT: Montgomery fought Rommel in North Africa leading to a Allied victory.WHERE: North AfricaWHEN: July 1st, 1942WHY: After the victory, it causes the Afrika Korps to retreat, but more importantly lead Germany to surrender.
  • Period: to

    Battle Of Stalingrad

    WHO: Germany, RussiaWHAT: General Paulus of Germany was ordered by Hitler to take over the oil fields in Caucasus.WHERE: StalingradWHEN: Winter months 1942-1943WHY: It was a German failure, many died and over 91,000 were taken prisoners.
  • Allies Land In Italy

    WHO: AlliesWHAT: Allies land in ItalyWHERE: Italy WHEN: September 12th, 1943WHY: Gives the Allies land to work with and further their war success
  • D-Day Invasion

    D-Day Invasion
    WHO: Allies, GermanyWHAT: The Allies invaded the Nazi-occupied beach of Normandy.WHERE: Normandy, EuropeWHEN: June 6, 1944WHY: Allowed the Allied Powers to gain ground on Germany and the Axis powers. Many lives were lost on the day known as “D-Day”.
  • Battle Of The Buldge

    Battle Of The Buldge
    WHO: Germany and the AlliesWHAT: Hitler launched an attack on Britain, France, and America to show they were weak.WHERE: Liege and Luxembourg WHEN: In the winter months between 1944-1945, started December 16th WHY: After the U.S won, it showed Hitler he wasn’t as powerful as he thought.
  • Period: to

    Yalta Conference

    WHO: USSR, Britain, U.S, and SovietsWHAT: A meeting about Germany’s conditioned surrenderWHERE: Yalta, Crimea WHEN: February 4-11th, 1945WHY: The countries tried to make amends towards who would get Germany’s land.
  • Franklin Roosevelt Dies

    WHO: Franklin RooseveltWHAT: The President of the United States, who led them through the Great Depression, had a massive cerebral hemorrhage and died.WHERE: Living room of Roosevelt’s cottageWHEN: April 12th, 1945WHY: The U.S. loses a great leader, but left many good things behind.
  • Hitler Commits Suicide

    Hitler Commits Suicide
    WHO: Adolf HitlerWHAT: Hitler swallows a cyanide pill and shoots himself, which leads to a successful suicide. WHERE: A bunker in Berlin WHEN: April 30th,1945WHY: It ended the German’s plot for a “1,000 year” Reich. Basically, it gave the Allied Powers much more power than the Axis.
  • V-E Day

    WHO: GermanyWHAT: Germany unconditionally surrenders WHERE: Signed at Rheims, ratified in Berlin WHEN: May 8th, 1945WHY: After Hitler’s death, Germany had nothing to hold them up, so they surrendered.