World War 1

By beycom
  • The Battles of Ypres

    Battle between Germans and the (BEF) over the corse of three horrific battles. These were over-ambitious aims, appaling weather conditions and misguided persistence. In the end 250,000 casualities were suffered and eventually the Village of Passchendale was taken over by the canadians.
  • the battle of the Marne

    german forced attempted to advance across Belgium and northern france which caused panic to french forces. they rushed to paris in taxis to halt the attack and Ludendorff's offensive tricks worked. The germans ended up exactly where they started.
  • The Battle of Verdun

    The Germans attacked the surrounding verdun between the Germans and french. French sufferign 540,000 casualities and Germans suffering 430,000 casualities.
  • Battle of the Somme

    Battle between Germans and British in which the british attempted to bombard the Germans battle ground. the btitish suffered the most casualities of the battle with a total of (57,470) with only 1.5k of land covered.
  • The Battle of cambria

    british launcing a full swcale offense which they showed off their new design exclusively which was the tank. This was a shock to the germans and gave them a edge in this battle.