World History-Cold War

  • Red Scare

    American officials started leading a campaign against socialist and communist influences.
  • Truman Doctrine

    New foreign policy
  • Marshall Plan

    The United States provided material aid to help rebuild postwar Europe. The United States contributed nearly $13 billion in the form of direct funding and food, machinery, and other economic needs to 16 European nations.
  • Nato

    North Atlantic Treaty Organization among the United States, Canada, and 10 European nations.
  • Soviet Union First Atomic Bomb

    The Soviet Union finally tested its first atomic bomb.
  • China become a Communist Nation

    Communists won the Chinese Civil War with the help of Russia
  • China sends troops

    China sent hundreds of thousands of troops to assist communist North Korea against U.S.-led forces in the Korean War.
  • Troops to 38th Parallel

    Kim Il-Sung led his troops across the 38th parallel into South Korea with support from the Soviet Union
  • Warsaw Pact

    Soviet-led collective security alliance that offered a counterweight to NATO
  • Great Leap Forward

    Mao made private ownership of farms illegal. Instead of working their own land, farmers now worked on communes that combined the resources that individuals had owned previously.
  • Berlin Wall built

    Wall built to keep the two sides apart from each other.
  • U.S. troops to Vietnam

    first American combat troops arrived in Vietnam. The Soviet Union and China responded by increasing their aid to North Vietnam.
  • Mao Zedong dies

    Mao Zedong dies
  • Soviet Union protects

    The Soviet Union stepped in to protect the pro-Soviet regime in Afghanistan from threats caused by regional nationalism and anti-communist Muslims. Afghanistan was the only country the Soviet Union invaded during the Cold War that was not part of the Soviet Bloc.
  • The Soviet Union Withdraws

    After 10 years of constant fighting that drained Soviet finances, the Soviet Union withdrew from Afghanistan. Around 15,000 Soviet soldiers were killed, and 50,000 were wounded. More than one million Afghans died.