World at war

  • The beginning of the triple allience

    The beginning of the triple allience
    the triple allience was; Italy, Austri, and Germany, It began in 1881.
  • Te triple ente formed

    Te triple ente formed
    The triple entente began in 1907. The triple entente was ; The British, The french, and Russia.
  • the assination of archduke Ferdinand

    the assination of archduke Ferdinand
    The archduke of austria and his wife sophie were assinated by 10 year old Gavrilo Princip
  • WWI began

    WWI began
    The first world war began
  • WWI

    on july 28 1914 WWi began
  • Period: to

    World at war

    This time is the events of WW1, The Great Depression, and WW2
  • Germany declared war on Russia

    Germany declared war on Russia
    The is the first part of WWI but do to this daclaration Greta britain joined the war and declared war onGermany.
  • America joins the war

    America joins the war
    Due to the continuos attack on our ship and influencing Mexico to attack America by Germany Amerca declared war on Germany
  • Russian leaves WWI

    Russian leaves WWI
    Due to ceratain problem and revolution Russia leaves WWI with the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk
  • Influenze hit

    Influenze hit
    during WWi influenza hit the soldiers as well as people
  • Treaty of versallis

    Treaty of versallis
    The treaty is awhat stops WWi which leaves the allied powers victorious.
  • The Great Depression

    The Great Depression
    Due to WWI many countries went into debt. The rich came richer and the poor became poorer
  • stock market crash

    stock market crash
    when the stock market droped to zero
  • depression getting started

    depression getting started
    the Great depression gettin worse
  • Japan invade Manchuria

    Japan invade Manchuria
    In the 1930s, the Japanese controlled the Manchurian railway. In September 1931, they claimed that Chinese soldiers had sabotaged the railway, and attacked the Chinese army. By February 1932, the Japanese had conquered the whole of Manchuria. Thousands of Chinese soldiers and civilians were killed.
  • The New Deal

    The New Deal
    While campaigning for president of the United States, Franklin Roosevelt promises Americans A New Deal.
  • Rosevelt elected president

    Rosevelt  elected president
    Franklin D. Roosevelt is elected president for the first time, and many hope that Roosevelt will end the Depression.
  • The emergency act

    The emergency act
    almost all of the banks that had been shutdown when the Depression started are open again.
  • Civilian Conservation Corps

    Civilian Conservation Corps
    Thousands of young men go to camps to work on projects such as building parks, building roads, and fighting forest fires.
  • Tennessee Valley Authority is created

    Tennessee Valley Authority is created
    Bringing electricity and jobs to Americans living in the southern part of the United States.
  • Works Progress Administration

    Works Progress Administration
    ToAmericans to work doing different types of jobs such as writing, acting, building bridges, and building airports.
  • Italy invades Ethiopia

    Italy invades Ethiopia
    Italy accepting Hitler's idea to expan german territory and attacks Abbyssinia( now Ethiopia)
  • Germany invades Poland

    Germany invades Poland
    On September 1, 1939, Germany invaded Poland. The Polish army was defeated within weeks of the invasion. From East Prussia and Germany in the north and Silesia and Slovakia in the south.
  • The dawn of WWII

    The dawn of WWII
    German dictator Adolf Hitler begins his quest to build an empire by invading Poland.
  • Battle of Britain

    Battle of Britain
    Battle of Britain. Germany suffers its first defeat in the skies over England, and abandons invasion plans.
  • pearl harbor

    pearl harbor
    When Japan bombed pearl harbor hawaii
  • Battle of Midway

    Battle of Midway
    The US Navy sinks four Japanese aircraft carriers in the fight that proves to be the turning point in the Pacific war.
  • D-day invasion

    D-day invasion
    the Allied Expeditionary Force under Dwight Eisenhower lands on the coast of northern France on what will later be called "D-Day". The "Second Front" that Stalin has been demanding for three years is now open.
  • End of Germany

    End of Germany
    Hitler commits suicide, shortly before the fall of Berlin and surrender of German forces in Europe.
  • America bombs Japan

    America  bombs Japan
    USA develops the atomic bomb, and successfully uses it in August to force the surrender of Japan.