Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

  • Birth

    Mozart was born in Salzburg.
  • Mozart's first preformance

    He preformed in front of an audience in Salzburg
  • Artistic Journey

    His father took him "on tour" aroun Vienna
  • Appointed by Archbishop

    Mozart was appointed by Prince Archbishop Sigismund Christoph of Schrattenbach to the position of Vice Kapellmeister.
  • Journey to Germany

    During the summer they traveled to his fathers hometown
  • Began to work on Opera.

    Mozart began to work on the opera La Finta Semplice by the suggestion of Emperor Joseph II.
  • Journey to Italy

    Him and his father traveled to Italy.
  • Mother Died

    His mother died in Paris and this struck him with much greif.
  • Service at Court.

    He became an organist.
  • First Operatic Success in Vienna

    He achieved his first Viennese operatic success with "The Abduction from the Seraglio" at the Burgtheater.
  • Mozart Married

    Is thought to be married on this day to Constanze
  • Period: to

    Works on Requiem K. 626.

    This is his unfinished piece. He died before being able to complete this.
  • Death

    Mozart died in Vienna.