Winston Churchill

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  • The Birth of Winston Churchill

    The Birth of Winston Churchill
    Winston Churchill was born at The Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire, England. Churchill originated from a lofty family who which had a long history of military assistance and service. He had a brother named Jack, his mother Lady Randolph Churchill and his father Lord Randolph Churchill.
  • Attendance at Harrow School

    Attendance at Harrow School
    On April 17, 1888 Winston Churchill enrolled in Harrow School in London, England. Harrow School is an independent boarding school for boys which was founded in 1572. Churchill wasn't especially cheerful and he didn't especially dominate although he won a school prize for recounting from memory 1,200 lines of Macaulay's long sonnet, Lays of Ancient Rome which is a very astounding accomplishment.
  • Sandhurst Royal Military Academy

    Sandhurst Royal Military Academy
    Churchill left Harrow School in 1892 and went to a 'crammer' to assist him with finishing the selection test into the Royal Military College at Sandhurst. Churchill realized that Sandhurst is more suitable and fit for his demeanor. Churchill was a skilled horseman and came in 20th out of 100 peers in his class.
  • The British Military

    The British Military
    In February 1895, Churchill joined the fourth Queen's Own Hussars, a stylish and fashionable cavalry regiment as a second Lieutenant. In 1898 Churchill served in the Sudan and Indian frontier where he fought in the Battle of Omdurman. Whilst being in the army Churchill wrote military reports for the Pioneer Mail and the Daily Telegraph. He also wrote two books about his military experiences, The Story of the Malakand Field Force (1898) and The River War (1899).
  • Military Retirement

    Military Retirement
    In the year 1899 Churchill decided to retire from the military to pursue his career as a writer and a politician. After the loss of the election, Churchill chose to be a war correspondent for the Morning Post. While reporting on the Boer war, Churchill was taken as a prisoner by the Boers in Cape Town. Churchill then escaped the Boers and traveled almost 300 miles to Mozambique.
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  • World War II

    World War II
    Churchill was The United Kingdoms Prime Minister through the years 1940 to 1945. Winston Churchill is best remembered for being a successful leader, guiding the United Kingdom in World War II. Churchill recited many speeches during the war such as Blood, toil, tears and sweat and We Shall Fight on the Beaches. After World War II Churchill lost power, Churchill later was re-elected to be a Prime Minister again in 1951.
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  • Post-Fame

    Winston Churchill had a few interest that he admired and that were never looked down on. He had interests such as card games, music, reading but most importantly painting. Churchill loved to paint landscapes, he has painted many paintings such as The Goldfish Pool at Chartwell which would fetch around 357,000 pounds. The Nobel Prize in Literature was awarded to Winston Churchill in 1954 for dominance of authentic and historical portrayal and reciting multiple amazing speeches to his people.
  • Death

    Winston Churchill died on a Sunday morning in his home at 28 Hyde Park Gate, London. His physician reported and confirmed his death at 8:35 AM. Winston Churchill survived 8 strokes since the year 1949, his last words were “I’m bored with it all”.
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