Wilson's New Freedom

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  • Wilson becomes govemor of New Jersey

    Wilson becomes govemor of New Jersey
    As governor he supported progressive legislation programs such as direct primary, worker's compensation, and the regulation of public utilities and railroads. www.pbs.org
  • The Sixteenth Amendment

    The Sixteenth Amendment
    This amendment legalized a graduated federal income tax which provided revenue by taxing individual earnings and corporate profits. www.apfn.org
  • Underwood Act

    Underwood Act
    Would substantially reduce tariff rates for the first time since the Civil War. wikipedia.org
  • The Day of Woodrow Wilson's Inauguration

    The Day of Woodrow Wilson's Inauguration
    On this day 5,000 woman suffragists marched through hostile crowds. They were members of the National American Woman Suffrage Association (NAWSA). www.womenshistory.about.com
  • Clayton Antitrust Act

    Clayton Antitrust Act
    The Clayton Act prohibited corporations from acquiring the stock of another if doing so would create a monopoly. If a company violated the law it's officers could be prosecuted. www.epubbud.com
  • Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

    Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
    This agency was given the power to invesigate possible violations of regulatory statues, to reguire periodic reports from corporations, and to put an end to a number of unfair buisness practices. news.iceworldwide.com
  • President's reception of an African-American Delegate

    President's reception of an African-American Delegate
    William Monroe Trotter led the delegation. Trotter complained that African Americans from 38 states had asked the president to reverse the segregation of government employees, but that segregation had since increased. Wilson refused to extend civil rights to African Americans because of that it pointed to the limits of progressivism under his administration. dipity.com
  • Emergency Suffrage Convention

    Emergency Suffrage Convention
    Carrie Chapman Catt called an emergency suffrage convention and invited President Wilson, who cautiously supported suffrage. He told them, "There has been a force behind you that will...be triumphant and for which you can afford...to wait." flashback.paragoogle.com
  • The Nineteenth Amendment

    The Nineteenth Amendment
    Granted women the right to vote. jurist.law.pitt.edu
  • Federal Reserve System

    Federal Reserve System
    This system could issue new paper currency in emergency situations, and member banks could use the new currency to make loans to their customers. americanbuilt.us