William Harvey

  • Apr 1, 1578

    Birth and Achievments

    William Harvey (1578-1657) was an English physician who was the first person to completely describe the circulatory system and how the blood goes from the heart to the rest of the body.
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    William Harvey graduated Caius College in 1597 as a Bachelor of Arts. After traveling through France to Germany and then to Italy he then entered the University of Padua in 1599 and graduated in 1602. After he graduated Padua he returned to England to become a Doctor of Medicine from University of Cambridge. Finally after becoming a Doctor of Medicine he settled down in London, joining the College of Physicians in 1604.
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    While in the College of Physicians he was given a job at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital which he worked at most of his life. After succeeding Dr Wilkinson and William became the Physician in charge of the hospital in 1609. This is where Harvey used the past information to his present knowledge to form the first circulatory system through various experiments and observations. After his death in 1657 there was a hospital named in his honor in the town of Ashford.
  • Present Affects

    William Harvey contributed to the present because if he didn’t do what he did we wouldn’t know nearly as much as we know now. Over the years doctors and scientists have found various cures to many diseases that have greatly affected people all over the Earth. There would not be nearly as much clinical progress if William Harvey hadn’t researched and made the first diagram of the circulatory system.