William Haner WW2 experience

  • Birth date

    Birth date
    Mr. William Haner as born in International Falls, Minnesota.
  • Period: to

    william Haners life

  • Moving

    He moved to Gains, Pennslyvania
  • Pearl habor

    Pearl habor
    THe US was bombed by Japaniese airplanes in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
  • graduatd high school

    graduatd high school
    Mr. William Haner graduates High School at Gaines High School.
  • Drafted

    William Haner was drafted and picked in the army in August of 1944
  • basic training

    basic training
    Mr. william Haner goes to Florida to have his basic training in 1944
  • Goes to Scotland

    Goes to Scotland
    Mr. william Haner travels to Scotland on the Queen Elizabeth with 17,500 men with him. It took him six days to arive.
  • The attack

    The attack
    Mr. William Haner attacked a German vilage with his heavy machine battalion.
  • He gets shot.

    He gets shot.
    Mr. william Haner got shot in this two fingers. It was his million dollar wound that put him out of the war for good.
  • War done

    War done
    Nazi Germany surrenders in western Europe. World War Two was over
  • he retired

    he retired
    Mr. William Haner retires from the army in 1964