William Golding

By torresm
  • Birth

    William Golding was born September 19th, 1911, in Saint Columb Minor, Cornwall, England.
  • Parents

    In 1934, a year befor he graduated William published his first book. It was a book of poetry.
  • Joining the army

    In 1940 Golding left teaching to join the Royal Navy and fight in world war II. During the war he fought battleships, airplanes, and submarines.
  • Lord of the Flies

    In 1954 Lord of the Flies was pblished in 1954. It was Goldings most successful published book.
  • Nobel Prize

    In 1983 William won the nobel prize of literature. He was later knighted by England's Queen Elizabeth II.
  • Movie

    In 1990 a new film was of Lord of the Flies was released. The movie was intended to bring the book attention to all the new readers.
  • Died

    William Golding died on June 19th, 1933. He died at age 81. He died of a heart attack in Perranarworthal, Cornwall.
  • Children and Manuscript

    When William died he left his kids David and Judith with his wife. His complete manuscript The Double Tongue was published posthumously.