William Golding Biography

  • William Goldin Birthdate

    William Golding was born on September 19, 1911, in Saint Columb Minor
  • Home

    William Golding was raised by a house byu a graveyard. His mother, Mildred, fought for womens rights to vote. His father, Alex worked as a schoolmaster.
  • School life

    William was just 12 years old, he attempted, unsuccessfully, to write a novel. A frustrated child, he found an outlet in bullying his peers.
  • William's Poems

    In 1934, a year before he graduated, William published his first work, a book of poetry aptly entitled Poems.
  • William's Teaching career

    In 1935 he started teaching English and philosophy in Salisbury. His dad wanted him to be a teacher
  • Ending of his Teaching career and join Navy

    William Golding temporarily left teaching in 1940, William quit his teaching to join the Royal Navy.
  • Published book

    In 1954 William Golding published his first novel, Lord of the Flies. It was William's first novel to be ever made
  • Nobel prize

    In 1983, William Golding was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. He was awarded for his first book to be very popular
  • Fathers Advice

    William followed his fathes dream for his son to become a teacher, so william got a job to be a teacher, then after a while, quit to join the navy
  • Williams Death

    June 19, 1993, William Golding died in Perranarworthal, Cornwall, England. He died of a heart attack