William blake

By 112299
  • birth

    Born November 28, 1787
  • lived in london whole life

    lived in london whole life
    william blake lived his whole life in london
  • farming

    william blake started farming with his dad when he was a little kid.
  • married

    William blake married a girl named mary.
  • wifes death

    wifes death
    william blakes wife died
  • dads death

    dads death
    william blakes dad died when he was 7
  • began writing

     began writing
    william blake began writing when he was 14
  • knee surgery

    knee surgery
    william blake had knee surgery
  • tumor in his hip

    tumor in his hip
    william blake had a tumor in his hip
  • death of william blake

    death of william blake
    william blake died on august 12, 1827