Willem Janszoon

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In History
  • Jan 1, 1570

    Willem Janszoon birth

    Willem Janszoon born in 1570
  • voyage

    On November 1605, duyfken sailed from Bantam to the coastof Western New Guinea.Willem Janszoon then crossed the Eastern
  • Dutch

    Willem Janszoon became a dutch in 1606.
  • voyage

    Willem Janszoon found the land swampy.
  • voyage

    Returnd to the East in November and served in Moluccan.
  • voyage

    Willem Janszoon returnd to his home as upper- merchant.
  • mission

    Willem Janszoon returnd to Bataiva in June 1627 and soon afterwards, as admiral of a fleet eight vessels, went on with a dimplomatic mission to India.
  • voyage

    Sailed to Holland.
  • reported

    Reported by Indies in Hague
  • died

    Willem Janszoon died in 1630