Who Am I? Where've I been? Where am I going?

By dpm
  • Birth

    Damian Paul Morris was born on Thursday, 13 May 1972 at Mercy Hospital in Mt Eden, Auckland, New Zealand.
  • Period: to

    Who Am I?

  • Travel

    Damian gets his first taste of travel; visiting family in Christchurch. He likes it!
  • School

    After attending Myers Park Kindergarten, off Queen St, Damian goes to Wellington St Primary, Epsom primary, Auckland Norml Intermediate School,Anuckland Grammar and Selwyn College. Eventually graduating from Auckland University in Arts.
  • Travel

    Damian gets to spend his 4th birthday with family in the UK. His first overseas trip. Bring it on!
  • Adrenaline

    Damian begins a life long love of adventure sports; hiking, camping, skiing, diving, mountain biking, parachuting, bunjee, luge...what else ya got!
  • Travelling and Chillaxing

    Travelling and Chillaxing
    After leaving Selwyn College with a bursary, Damian spent a couple of years just chilling all over Godzone with friends. Chor!
  • Work and Travel

    Work and Travel
    After finishing high school and spending a few years travelling around NZ, Damian finally graduates Auckland University and gets a job in Japan.
  • Work, Travel and Fun!

    Work, Travel and Fun!
    After living in Japan, Damian travels through Europe before ending up working in Russia.
  • More work, more play, more , more, more

    More work, more play, more , more, more
    Damian had worked his way up to Director of Studies at the language school where he was working. All was good, but it was time for a change...
  • The long way home...

    The long way home...
    Moving back to Osaka, it was time for Damian to get some serious coin if he was going to be a student again.
  • Yes U Can

    Yes U Can
    After a few years away, Damian returned to NZ to see what was shaking, and to attend UC College of Education. Let the fun continue...